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Her Majesty
After 60 years on the throne, the Queen has a story to tell. From palace-worthy couture to meeting The Beatles, from the Second World War to the 21st century, that story is being captured in 366 pages of stunning photography.

Midnight at the Dragon Café by Judy Fong Bates
It’s 1960s small-town Ontario; a Chinese-Canadian family is being twisted and tested by vicious secrets and the clashing of cultures. A challenging story bursting with character, Midnight at the Dragon Café is the enticing debut novel from Judy Fong Bates.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan
Susannah Cahalan is six months into her job as a reporter for the New York Post when strange things begin to happen to her — paranoia, hallucinations, seizures, memory loss. In this moving memoir, Cahalan chronicles the rapid spread and the debilitating effects of her undiagnosed illness, and the doctor who saved her life.

Perdita by Hilary Scharper
In Hilary Scharper’s ghostly Perdita, readers follow character Garth Hellyer as he nurses the aftermath of his tragic love affair using the most unusual of remedies: conversing with the world’s oldest people. A tale woven with love, loss and mystery, Perdita blends youth with age, old with new, to create an alluring masterpiece that will captivate readers.

Sleeping Funny by Miranda Hill
A blush-worthy sex-ed class, a 19th century country village and a post–Second World War victory garden; author Miranda Hill transports readers to these places and more in Sleeping Funny, her fresh and unexpected collection of short stories that will trigger an explosion of thought, emotion and laughter.

Stray Love by Kyo Maclear
Colourful, intoxicating 1960s London is the backdrop for this eclectic story centred on the life of Marcel, the abandoned child of a bohemian mother. Readers will be electrified as Marcel weaves his way through the churning era in hopes of finding where he belongs. A wonderful second novel from Kyo Maclear.

On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz
Following up her wildly acclaimed novel Inside of a Dog, author Alexandra Horowitz emerges with On Looking, an eye-opening commentary that will flip readers’ minds and keep them on their toes. Through eleven explorations, Horowitz demonstrates how to squeeze life out of the everyday through simple, open-minded observation.

The MILF Diet by Jessica Porter
Tap into the fountain of youth and get your pre-baby body back with Jessica Porter, the whole foods guru who knows how to sculpt muscles and shred pounds using the power of eating well. The MILF Diet carves a delicious and easy path for moms to make their way back to health and confidence.

Sweet Jesus by Christine Pountney
Three strikingly different siblings and one life-changing journey are what readers will discover in this witty and deeply moving novel from Christine Pountney. In her very real reflection of family bonds and human emotion, Pountney solidifies her place as one of Canada’s freshest authors.

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