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A house in the Sky
by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett

Growing up, Amanda Lindhout’s extraordinary imagination allowed her to escape into the pages of the National Geographic, sprouting a passion for travel. Following her heart, she travels to war-ridden Somalia as a reporter but is kidnapped four days in. A chilling memoir of an abducted woman who finds hope after 15 months of captivity, A House in the Sky illustrates the power of forgiveness.

by David Shields and Shane Salerno

Finally: a close-to-accurate biography about the enigma that is J.D. Salinger, thanks to his friends and family. Author of The Catcher in the Rye and a witness to Second World War accounts, Salinger has for years been the subject of immense curiosity. Containing exclusive interviews and intimate documents from over 200 people, Salinger is a look into the very secret life of the man himself.

The Troop
by Nick Cutter

An annual camping trip becomes a nightmare out of a movie and has a group of boys fighting for their lives. Every year a troop of boys heads into the Canadian wilderness for three days, a tradition that will forever change when an intruder stumbles upon their campsite and the boys are pitted against one another. A mixture of terror, desperation and a bioengineered human, The Troop ensures camping will never be the same.

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