For the Love of Farm – Local Ontario Farms

Think food. Think flavour, nutrients and amazing taste. Now think good food.

In the short-sighted and never-ending quest for cheap fast food, we were well on our way to cheating ourselves — and future generations — out of nutrients, flavour and the joy that comes from eating food that simply tastes good.

So thank the universe for the farmers who put the brakes on to celebrate sustainable food and traditional and regional cuisine, and to promote healthy food filled with nutrients that nourish our bodies and souls — food that stays with you long after the plates have been cleared.

On the following pages, you will read about four stellar farms that produce good food. They are run by people who see themselves as stewards of the land, who care about beef, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even more about what you’re putting on your plate.

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City Life Staff

City Life Staff

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