Walk with LUCA – Stouffville

A year has passed since 21-month-old Luca Gennuso nearly drowned in his family’s unfinished pool. Though he was pulled out almost immediately, it took doctors 27 minutes to revive him, and the near half-hour of oxygen deprivation left him with severe damage in the parts of the brain that control movement and coordination. With the love and support of his parents and the help of medical professionals, against all odds Luca survived the trauma. One year later, Luca is now a two-year-old but is very much like a newborn, says his mother, Laura. He can slowly eat by mouth, see and hear, but he can’t walk yet. His family spends around $2,000 weekly on his treatments. On May 31, 2015, the inaugural Walk with Luca took place at Memorial Park in Stouffville. Over 300 people were in attendance, and the amount raised was split between the Gennuso family and Brain Injury Canada.
To donate, visit www.lucaswilltolive.com

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