Lemon Parmesan Pasta

by chef Mike Ward
This gorgeous dish will give you and your guests the luxurious full-mouth flavour we love without the full belly feeling we don’t. You’ll be amazed at how five simple ingredients can transform into something magical:
– Pasta* (any will do for this dish)
– Lemon zest (of 1 lemon)
– Lemon juice (of 2 lemons)
– Parmesan cheese (half a cup)
– Fresh basil
– Eggs (2 yolks only)

Serves 4

*I prefer Barilla gluten-free spaghetti pasta made with corn and rice flour.


1. Cook off enough spaghetti for your guests (and save some cooking water)
2. Add the pasta to a pan over medium heat with a cup of pasta water. Add lemon juice and zest
3. Let reduce over low heat, toss occasionally to coat pasta, add basil, cracked pepper
4. When liquids have reduced and thickened, turn heat off and add egg yolks. Stir gently. Yolks will cook with residual heat (add more pasta water if required)
5. Plate up, drizzle with good olive oil, a little more cracked pepper and basil for garnish and, of course, more Parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

David Rocco’s
Dolce Vita Pinot Grigio

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a savoury meal and a glass of crisp white wine. David Rocco’s Dolce Vita Pinot Grigio dances on the palate and leaves a pleasant lingering aftertaste — the perfect pairing to a refreshing light and cheese-based pasta dish.

For more great recipes visit www.chefmikeward.com


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