House Of The Month – Dans l’Escarpement

Dans l’Escarpement is a real cliffhanger and YH2 designed it perfectly.

Ever wanted to escape the city life and go backpacking through the wilderness? If so, with the newest home design by architectural firm Yiacouvakis Hamelin, Architectes – YH2 – you do not have to just backpack there … you can live there, and in luxury.

The newest addition to the firm’s eclectic portfolio, named Dans l’Escarpement, boasts a cabin-like design atop the hills of Saint-Faustindu-Lac-Carré. This landscape-inspired home was built in 2018 and sits on the outskirts of Montreal.

The interior structure of the home is aligned with wood panelling and splashes of steel beams, giving it a modern and woodland feel.

After entering, the views from inside the floating house are breathtaking as you set your eyes on the scenes of woodlands and serene waterways in the forest of Saint-Faustin-du-Lac-Carré. The strategic placement of the house is also complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows for guests to easily look out onto the lush surroundings.

The exterior facade of the rustic building is greeted with a bridgeway into a modern, stone, steel and wood-held masterpiece. The YH2 team crafted this piece of architecture to resemble a treehouse but on a much larger scale.

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A mere 3,200-square-foot treehouse, that is. Definitely not your average-sized treehouse.

The design of the home was crafted in such a way that it transports visitors into another realm upon entering. The feature of the bridge uniquely sets this house apart from others that have been designed by the YH2 firm.

The house is accessed by walking down a metallic gangway stretching from a concrete garage near the parking area. As one progresses on the light bridge structure, particularly on a misty day, there is a sensation of going toward a treehouse that’s floating in midair.

To learn more about YH2 and the Dans l’Escarpement home, visit the firm’s website at

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