Welcome To Maple Bakery: A Taste Of Italy In The Heart Of Ontario

Since its beginnings in 1983, Maple Bakery has established itself as the go-to place for authentic Italian flavour.

When Silvio Russo’s father and brother started Maple Bakery, Maple was a small, quiet Ontario town. But, armed with passion and a dream to open a family-run establishment, they knew it was the place to be. Fast-forward 37 years, and Maple Bakery is, as it was then, a staple of the area. It’s a delicate slice of history that’s carried with it the art and tradition of baking, serving fresh bread and baked goods year-round.

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The characteristics that made Maple Bakery so charming in 1983 remain today, and it still prides itself on being family run. Russo is at the helm, with his sister-in-law Luisa and his mother Assunta at the counter, and conversation, coffee, party-sized pizza and (in summer) sweet gelato flow generously through its doors. It’s a place where busy workers stop for espresso in the morning or a quick, healthy meal at lunch.

It’s also a place where regulars can catch up on the latest sports and news updates on the weekend. New desserts, cakes, breads and pastries (think salted caramel-pecan cupcakes and Nutella fritters) have made their way on to the menu since the bakery’s initial opening almost four decades ago, but it’s the true Italian taste and outpouring of personality that keep people coming back for more.

“You Need To Work Hard, Be Dedicated And Have Pride In The Products You Make”

“For me, success is defined by hard work and quality products,” says Russo, whose personal favourite is Sicilian cannoli. “Most of our products are made in-house, from scratch.” A typical day for Russo starts early, at 4 a.m., when orders are checked and the baking begins. The impact of COVID-19 means the place isn’t as packed with people and conversation as before, but the orders are far from slowing down, and they’re looking forward to reopening their space to regulars soon.

“You need to work hard, be dedicated and have pride in the products you make,” Russo continues, talking about what it takes to be a successful baker. “You have to have a real passion for it. It’s not just a job you go to. It’s an art, and it takes a long time to develop your skills. If you have passion, your products will come out excellently for the people you’re making them for. They’ll enjoy eating them as much as you do making them.”

Maple Bakery is located at 10040 Keele St. and is open seven days a week.


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