Zilli Home Interiors: Fashion-forward Furniture

For more than a decade, Zilli Home Interiors has provided exceptional pieces for homeowners and interior designers alike. Today, it’s one of Vaughan’s finest design destinations.

Growing up in a family-owned furniture manufacturing plant with an eye for good design, founding Zilli Home Interiors seemed nothing but natural for Natalie Papia. After being behind the scenes for so long and leading sales and visiting retailers across the world, the urge to open her own space became too powerful to ignore. “I realized there was a void, and I wanted to open a retail store that would truly showcase furniture how I envisioned it,” Papia says.

Since its launch in 2009, the store has provided homeowners, designers and industry professionals with a curated, hand-picked selection of standout pieces. Whether you take a trip to its physical location at 672 Chrislea Rd., browse its website or follow the company on social media, you’ll get a clear idea of the vision of Zilli Home Interiors.

As well as shopping by room (specifically, the living room, dining room, home office and bedroom), you can browse by style. In this case, that’s split into modern classic, sophisticated elegance, timeless classic and urban chic, with each offering a totally different take on design. Within that, you’ll find everything from desks to dining chairs, sideboards to entertainment consoles, available at different price points and sizes to suit your situation. The store also offers an impressive number of accents, spanning coffee tables, mirrors, sculptures and vases to complete the look.

What ties everything together is a universal understanding and love for aesthetics. “Our customer is a savvy, fashion-forward person who loves design and is aware of their personal style,” Papia continues. “However, they need a bit of help when it comes to the home because it’s a larger undertaking. They know what they like, but they need the help to define and create it.”

There are a number of key components that sets Zilli Home Interiors apart from other furniture outlets in ensuring that customers get the assistance they need to figure out the style they want. First, everybody who works there is a designer and is able to offer a true expert perspective. “We don’t have a typical salesperson,” Papia explains. “We have a design consultant who will keep in mind not just what furniture we have, but, more importantly, what would work best in your home.” For anyone, choosing the right pieces can be demanding, especially if you’re doing a whole house. Zilli Home Interiors wants to ease that demand and instead make it seamless. As Papia says, “We make it easy by starting with one room at a time.”

Papia is quick to explain how much of a joy it is to work with the design experts who make Zilli Home Interiors what it is. Whether it’s the warm personalities of the people, the fact that they all share the same vision to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for customers or just that they all love fashion and home furnishings, there’s a clear sense of camaraderie. “We motivate our staff through training, spending time together and just gathering around the door when a new piece arrives,” Papia shares. “That excitement is evident in our social media. Everybody feels that energy which, in turn, translates to our customers.”

“We’re Proud We’re Able To Help People Realize Their Dreams In The Home And Make It A Reflection Of Their Personality And Style”

Part of the process of understanding what works best in the home is Zilli’s in-home consultations, on offer to customers looking to furnish either their whole house or any given room. While Zilli Home Interiors offered the service virtually during the pandemic, now its experts are able to visit your space in person to get a better understanding of your needs. “We come to your home, measure, understand your lifestyle, functionality and then invite you to come back into the store,” says Papia. “There, we would do a presentation for that given room and offer some options based on those findings.”

Whether they’re helping a young couple, a full family or empty nesters, Papia promises that each visit to the store promises something new. “We’re proud we’re able to help people realize their dreams in the home and make it a reflection of their personality and style.”

Particularly during the pandemic, Papia has seen that care and attention to detail in people’s spaces changing. Since reopening, she shares how demand has been exceptionally high, driven by the fact that the essence of the house has changed. “People have been sitting in their homes for so long, and they’ve identified areas that need a facelift,” she says.

“Right now, demand is exceeding supply, but we have a tremendous amount of product in store and on the way,” Papia says. “We’ve done a great job with pre-ordering and have great intuition and forecasting to back up our best-selling items. Come in, and we’ll find what you need.”

672 Chrislea Rd., Woodbridge, Ont.


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