Zendoors: The next generation of luxury

With over 50 years of experience in the garage door industry, Zendoors is innovating and pushing the boundaries every step of the way.

Innovation has to start somewhere, and Zendoors is the source in the garage-door industry. Zendoors has been the leading garage-door manufacturer for over 50 years. Their hard work, design and innovation has spoken for itself and is on display in homes all over the GTA. Now, Phillip Zampini, vice president, and Pietro Gagliardi, president of Zendoors, two friends and self-described “opposites,” are working together to revamp the garage-door industry.

Zendoors offers a wide range of products and services, including high- volume garage door manufacturing and luxury custom garage-door manufacturing on residential builder homes and luxury custom homes across the GTA and southern Ontario. From production and manufacturing of the doors to the installation, Zendoors offers a garage-door option for any style, budget or dream you may have.

This duo thrives on customization. If it is possible to make a functioning garage-door out of your vision, Zendoors can create it. Enter the Zendoors showroom with inspiration from an image, or something you have dreamed up in your head, to just simply taking inspiration from the style of your home, and Zendoors can help you to create your dream design. Then, their experienced team will find the perfect sizing, design and materials to suit your home. “We will try anything as long as it can actually be a functional garage door. We are the team to come to for anything custom,” says Gagliardi.

Another feature that has contributed to Zendoors long-standing success is the incredible choice of high- quality materials they use. “Much of the material we use, especially with our high-volume product, is post-consumer recycled material. It is mostly wood product that has been recycled, reformulated and upcycled into our product. We are proud to offer something on a mass scale that is more environmentally friendly than our competitors. On the custom side we use Canadian-sourced woods such as Douglas fir, mahogany and western red cedar which allows us to support the local economy,” says Zampini

Zendoors values creating a high- quality product above all things, balancing engineering, efficiency, production and cost-effectiveness to get the perfect product for your home. The team at Zendoors is passionate about their work and everyone has a mutual goal in mind — to get the job done well. “We like to have fun with the creative process when we are creating a product. We are not closed-minded, we like to do something different and push the envelope, and everybody else on our team does as well. Everybody that works with us and everybody that comes to us knows that we are known for creating products that are at the next level. We are able to create designs that haven’t been seen before, and that is what we really like to do,” says Zampini.


At Zendoors their team is able to produce products quickly and efficiently because everything is sourced locally. And their buying power is an advantage to builders and homeowners. Zendoors garage doors for custom homes are unlike anything that you will be able to get anywhere else, taking customization to the next level.

Mr. Gagliardi and Mr. Zampini are revamping a very old industry that has been set in its ways for many years. “We represent a new generation that will say, ‘Yes, we can achieve this,” says Gagliardi.

Traditionally, even with luxury garage doors, there were only a few options. At Zendoors, the sky’s the limit and anything is possible, says Gagliardi

“We wanted to do something that wasn’t available anywhere else. We made it happen ourselves. We want to achieve something and the only way to do that is to lead the way to get there,” says Gagliardi.

This duo and their hard-working team are pushing the boundaries of the industry and leading the way for innovation in garage-door manufacturing.

Friends for many years, their dynamic can only be described as two opposites that balance each other perfectly. Taking this into their work life, they are able to lift each other where one may have fallen short, pushing each other, their team and the industry to be the best it can be.

60 Talman Ct, Concord, Unit 3, Ont.


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