New Year, New You — From the Inside Out

The Centre for Health inspires a healthy change that starts on the inside, not the outside.

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, losing weight and quitting smoking are sure to top most lists. This year, instead of focusing on eliminating that excess weight or cutting those unhealthy habits, try shifting your focus towards gaining – balance of the body, mind, spirit and total health.

Drs. Domenic Gagliardi and Claudia Machiella of The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation believe that total health is not achieved when we are satisfied with our physical appearance, but when the well-being of our insides sings in perfect harmony.

The husband-wife team owns and operates two offices in Vaughan, with a third in the works. Their main objective is to get clients to experience a new level of health and feel in control of their bodies. There’s no better time to start treating your body better than the present, although the new year seems to wipe the slate clean and inspire a fresh perspective. “The new year brings inspiration for new beginnings,” says Dr. Gagliardi. “Start the year by getting on a ‘Self-Care Program’ that will have you feeling your best ever.”

“The new year brings inspiration for new beginnings”

The Centre’s “Self-Care Program” will set you on the right path from your initial consultation, with each program custom tailored to suit the individual needs and goals of each client. Because the doctors take a bespoke approach to creating treatment plans, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the mental and emotional well-being of each client. Drs. Gagliardi and Machiella ask all the right questions to be able to fully assess the current state of your health and aid you in striving for better.

Keeping in line with their firm belief in balance, a typical self-care treatment plan may look like this:


  • Week One
    • Chiropractic Assessment and Treatment
    • Chiropractic Follow-Up and Treatment
  • Week Two
    • One-Hour Massage Therapy Session
  • Week Three
    • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Week Four
    • Physiotherapy/Exercise Session
  • Week Five
    • Naturopathic Consultation

After five weeks of a truly customized health experience, the team recommends clients come in to evaluate the progress and alter the course and frequency of the treatment plan if necessary.

Admittedly, changing your lifestyle may be easier said than done, but at The Centre for Health, Drs. Gagliardi and Machiella zealously practise what they preach. The couple lives a balanced and mindful lifestyle that resonates with their team and the clients they treat.

“The new year is the perfect opportunity to think about how you will create the best version of yourself,” says Dr. Machiella. “Try something new and inspiring that will have you setting new health goals.”

The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation
1160 Clarence St., Suite 6, Woodbridge, Ont.
2640 Rutherford Rd., Suite E-201, Vaughan, Ont.

Photos by Carlos A. Pinto / Dolce Media Group

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