The Rebel and Goddess Within – Fitness club in Vaughan

Vaughan’s hottest female-exclusive boutique fitness club is the brainchild of two of the most charismatic workout enthusiasts you’ll meet. Teresa Benezrah and Deborah Benz are fired up about changing the lives of women in the community and nurturing fabulous Rebel Goddesses.

Don’t all of life’s greatest endeavours begin on a whim, and perhaps over a glass of wine or two? After years of frustration with a dull local fitness scene that just wasn’t keeping up with the times, longtime friends Teresa Benezrah and Deborah Benz took a step back and had their aha moment — as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The solution: Rebel Goddess, a chic and inclusive all-in-one fitness club in the heart of Vaughan. One membership, one mentality, one common goal.

The gorgeous new fitness club opening September 5 was designed by women for women, and there isn’t one detail that owners Teresa and Deborah haven’t thought of. Besides a modern glam interior and the club’s affordability, who could resist classes called “Happy Hour at the Barre,”“Booty Call” or “Iron Goddess”? The names themselves ignite our inner Wonder Woman and have us wanting to dip our toes in.

If you can’t already tell, the duo want to dispel the misconceptions surrounding women and weightlifting. Each of these revolutionary classes is designed with one thing in mind: empowering women to achieve what they believed to be impossible.

“We have a deep-rooted passion for helping women tap into their strengths, and we’re dedicated to achieving results,” says Deborah. “We are the ultimate destination for innovative classes. We want you to try everything without the fear of judgement.”

You can be kicking butt at a barbell muscle- and strength-conditioning class on a Monday and strengthening with an exciting ballet and pilates mash-up on Wednesday; the magic of Rebel Goddess is its versatility. Let’s face it, you can only take so many days of the same routine before you want to quit. Don’t worry, this isn’t your mom’s aerobics VHS!

“I’m beyond excited to meet all the different types of women who will join our Rebel Goddess family,” says Teresa. “We really want to build a community of women who support each other.”

Teresa and Deborah help women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to sculpt the best version of themselves through flexibility, cardio and strength training, all while promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. “There are no barriers; you’re never too old or too inexperienced to start,” says Deborah. “We’ve totally removed that intimidation factor for women.”

True to their personalities, the fitness leaders bring a fun, light-hearted vibe to each of their classes and always promote inclusivity. Like most of us, they truly believe that reaching your fitness goals shouldn’t be a chore.

Through the experienced and patient support of two fabulous fitness leaders, every woman has the potential to not only reveal her inner rebel goddess, but also gain the knowledge to maintain a lifelong love of self and of fitness.

8383 Weston Rd., Vaughan, Ont.

Photos by carlos a. pinto

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