Become Part of the Family at Northern Karate Schools

Discover what sets this karate school apart and how it has maintained its success for almost five decades.

For the last 48 years, Northern Karate Schools (NKS) has been voted the best martial arts school countless times by many major Toronto magazines, newspapers, and websites. NKS has won the readers’ choice award for top martial arts school in Vaughan, Ont., for 11 consecutive years. NKS has just been awarded, for the fifth consecutive year, the Top Choice Award for best martial arts school in Vaughan. Clearly, Northern Karate has a secret to its incredible success.

City Life recently sat down with Kyoshi Cos Vona, director of the NKS Rutherford and Maple locations, to share their secret to success. Vona says the schools’ primary goal is to teach students how to strengthen the body, mind and spirit. While physical training helps students improve their cardiovascular health, flexibility and strength, it also challenges the mind by improving memory. Furthermore, karate provides a form of stress release and promotes self-growth, which strengthen the spirit. The dojo (training facility) provides a stress-free environment, away from the pressures of modern life. NKS also teaches its students about life skills such as patience and perseverance, qualities which are important in today’s fast-paced world. Technology has taught us to expect information immediately, whereas karate teaches us to be patient and to work hard toward achieving our goals, no matter how long it takes. “Some of the forms we teach are over 300 years old,” says Vona. “Passing down this knowledge to our students keeps the history alive.”

Many students at NKS begin at a young age and continue training well into adulthood. NKS also has many parents who train alongside their children, and for that reason, NKS is a very family-oriented organization. Many strong friendships have been formed among the students over the years.

Vona has been teaching karate for many years. “After I received my black belt in 1980, I started teaching kids karate, and now those students have come to NKS and enrolled their own children.” Vona still maintains a regular training schedule, and every Monday he trains with the founder of Northern Karate Schools, 10th degree black belt and international martial arts champion and author, Cezar Borkowski.

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All instructors at Northern Karate Schools have been with the school since the very beginning as white belts. “All our instructors are our own black belt students who have gone through specialized training,” says Vona. “They are passionate instructors who want to share their knowledge with others.”

In addition to the schools’ regular program, NKS also offers Bullyproof workshops twice a year, which focus on teaching students anti-bullying tactics. Northern Karate also offers award-winning March break and summer camps, which sell out very quickly each year. NKS participates in many community events and fundraisers that help support local schools.

February is Friends and Family Month at NKS, which means that if you are referred by a friend or family member who is a student, you will receive significant savings on your membership. If you would like to book a free trial class, contact your nearest Northern Karate Schools location.

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