Maddalene-Rose Spa

How a Woodbridge spa and skin care centre is transforming clients’ confidence into lasting beauty.

It’s all about trust, says Rose Centraco, owner of Maddalene-Rose Spa. That’s the key. That’s the foundation for building lasting relationships with her clients, many of whom have come to her for all their skin and wellness needs for over two decades. “My customers put a lot of trust in me,” says Centraco, a skin care specialist focused on anti-aging and well-being. “I’m results-oriented and they know I will only recommend something that works.”

For the past 20 years, Centraco has rewarded this trust with a personalized approach that’s brought a youthful glow to all who’ve walked through her door. From housewives to high-powered executives, 20-somethings to 70-year-old grandparents, Centraco’s diverse clientele travel from across the GTA to find rejuvenation in the peaceful environment of her elegant Woodbridge spa and clinic.

” My focus is my clients and I’m here for them 100 per cent of the time”

Of course, this one-stop shop for everything wellness offers the full range of soothing indulgences — facials, massages, french manicures and the rest. But Centraco, a certified acupuncturist and nutritionist, also provides a comprehensive guide to personal well-being that starts with corrective treatments that use state-of-the-art technology to take years off the skin. From peels to laser therapy such as the Pearl procedure, her proven medi-spa treatments address fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage and lifting, providing safe and beautiful results.

“It’s like working out,” Centraco explains. “We work out our body to keep it toned. Our face needs it too. By using the right treatments, your body can enhance your own collagen, brightening and tightening the skin to a point that you won’t need a filler.”

Through one-on-one consultation, Centraco analyzes your skin and customizes a plan that will meet your goals, fit your lifestyle and work within your budget. “Everyone’s skin is different and everyone’s needs are different. I’m only going to give you what you need,” she says. Bring in your current skin care products, Centraco invites. “If we can use them, we’ll finish them up before using anything I recommend. Why waste money?”

This caring mentality also extends outside of business. Centraco, who regularly supports the Vaughan Food Bank and Seeds of Diversity, is launching the Maddalene-Rose Foundation, a charitable endeavour that will give back to different causes for children and adults. This year, they’re providing sports equipment to children in the Jane and Finch area. Money for the foundation will be generated through the sale of her new all-natural product line that she’s introducing this spring.

With this open heart, Centraco explains that if your skin looks good you’ll feel good, too. “My focus is my clients and I’m here for them 100 per cent of the time,” she says. “As long as they’re happy, I’m happy.”

7777 Kipling Ave., Suite 101
Woodbridge, Ont.

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