The Gift of Music from the Kollari Institute of Music

Vaughan’s newest music school is already getting national attention with its state-of-the-art facility and top-class education.

There is no gift greater than music — and this year, the freshly unveiled Kollari Institute of Music celebrates that truth in more ways than one.

Firstly, it celebrates its immensely gifted students. Owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Mimoza and Yevi Kollari, Kollari Institute of Music boasts the intimacy of a boutique learning centre and the presence of an internationally renowned institution.

“With us, students learn how to become musicians, not just how to play a song,” says Mimoza, who plays piano and violin, while her husband, Yevi, has a PhD in music and specializes in piano, trombone, saxophone, drums and many more. “Instead of memorizing, we teach them to understand what they play. We make sure that all the teachers are working together to create joy in their lessons, and we want to have confident, comfortable and happy students.”

Despite the newness of Kollari Institute of Music, the school is actually backed by more than 65 years of educational experience — until 2016, the Kollaris were the heads of the Maple location of a franchise system. It was this year that they decided to take the leap and create a learning space that was all their own.

The state-of-the-art facility boasts a gorgeous property and thoughtful design, and is filled with soundproofed rooms dedicated to any instrument one could imagine. Kollari offers lessons in everything from piano, string and wind instruments to vocals and percussion, plus group lessons in band, choir, theory, string orchestra and more.

With such a well-rounded menu of options for learners of all ages, it’s no wonder their students have landed some incredible feats — like Martina Ortiz-Luis, the Kollari student who was hired full-time to sing the National Anthem at the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home games. And with many other students regularly making prestigious accomplishments, the school is renowned for its gold- medal-winning student body.

And how else is Kollari Institute of Music celebrating the gift of music this year? By offering these programs to anyone who wants to learn more about music, no matter their skill level or age. A package of music classes from Kollari Institute of Music makes an ideal gift for all professional and aspiring musicians.

“We do believe strongly that music plays a very strong key in people’s lives,” says Mimoza. “So we want to bring more music to our students and their families, because this is the way we will bring new music into the world.”

Kollari Institute of Music
2620 Rutherford Rd., Maple, Ont.

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