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For nearly 20 years Automatic Switching has led the home-automated game, completing every household with its technology and expertise.

As the advent of new technology continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, there is one company that has been at the forefront of incorporating new technology into households since back when stereo system setups were still prominent. Over the past 18 years, Automatic Switching has developed and progressed into a company that covers all of your home-automated needs.

Founded in the year 2000 by John “Johnny” Pecorelli, an electrician by trade, Automatic Switching started out of a garage as a structural cabling business. He always had thoughts of owning an audio-video company as a child; he did not think it would actually happen. But it did.

The company soon moved out of the garage and into a retail unit, then expanded to two units, and finally to the three units where it currently resides on Edgeley Boulevard. Along the way it incorporated audio-video technology and made its way into the full home automation business.

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Now, Automatic Switching covers everything automated in your household, from home security to home theatre systems and lighting. “We’re a full-stop solution for all clients. We do everything. This way they don’t have to go through three or four different vendors, they can come just to us and they’ll find everything they need under one roof,” Johnny says.

Automatic Switching is a family business, with Johnny’s wife, son, daughter, future daughter-in-law and sister all being part of the company. John’s kids are the next generation in line to continue to the path of Automatic Switching.

Instead of being simply a store where anyone can walk in, Automatic Switching schedules appointments with its clients in its showroom. Building a relationship with his clients through one-on-one appointments allows Johnny to give a personal touch that other places do not offer. Some of his clients he has had for 17 years, and they are still his clients today — a testament to the close relationships he has formed over the years.

“We’re a full-stop solution for all clients. We do everything”

Plus, Johnny himself is the person people deal with directly. There is not a salesperson that is going to try to upsell you on something you do not need. In fact, he goes out of his way to make sure to consult people on what they do not need, as it is not about selling for him, but about improving people’s homes and lives.

The one-on-one consultations and dedication to each customer are part of the major tenet of Automatic Switching: customer service.

That key of customer service enables Automatic Switching to go above and beyond what is required and to be held to its word. This dedicated service is the reason why customers from nearly two decades ago still continue to come to Automatic Switching.

Since most of the company’s work comes from customer referrals, Automatic Switching prides itself on not having advertised for 18 years and still being in business. It speaks to the quality and service that the company and its employees have been able to offer all these years.

Led by his son Armando Pecorelli, the installation team are experts in their field. The technicians are always being sent to courses to better themselves and get new training on new products that come out all the time. The Automatic Switching staff is always up to date and well educated on new technology, ensuring that they can not only offer you the best product, but will install it reliably and efficiently.

All of the products that Automatic Switching works with are from companies that it has developed relationships with. This ensures that the company is able to get the support it needs for its work and for the clients themselves.

“We carry a good variation of brand lines and we believe in their products. To ask someone to purchase from us… we have to believe in [our] products. Once I believe that it would be good in my house, [I know it will be] good in their house,” Johnny says.

One of the products that Automatic Switching features is called Elan g. The Elan g system is user-friendly and accessible, allowing for full and complete control of the automated systems with relative ease.

For other systems, if a client needed to make changes, they would need to call the company to reprogram the system, which would come at a cost. The Elan system allows people to make the changes they want without the hassle of a service tech.

For Automatic Switching, this is about making your life the best it can possibly be. “Everybody’s home is their castle. You should be proud of your home. If automation is something that makes your life easier then that’s something to be said for [it],” Johnny says.

If you are looking to make your life easier, Automatic Switching is the company for you.

391 Edgeley Blvd., Unit #12-14, Concord, Ont.

photos by carlos a. pinto

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