Design News: Spring Edition

Bold colours, feature fixtures and golden finishes have us anticipating the coming spring season.

Mendocino Native Stone Freestanding Tub – This multipurpose woven basket is the ideal storage option for decluttering while also enhancing your lovely home.

Rope Weave Low Baskets − This multipurpose woven basket is the ideal storage option for decluttering while also enhancing your lovely home.

Knoll Topiary Dining Table − This dining table holds a secret. Its low base acts as light filters, which cause it to create patterns from the sun, enhancing nature. The table is supposed to resemble pruned shrubs that look like furniture.

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Spore True Aluminum Doorbell Button − The True Doorbell Button is unlike any other, combining a mixture of modern and traditional design. Remarkably, this doorbell can even fi t houses built in the 1900s.

Banana Bud Vase − A modern-day vase, which is a wonderfully crafted design piece that provides a beautiful and slightly comedic addition to a home or office.

Style Garage − This company produces a made-to-order furniture collection that is environmentally friendly, since it uses locally sourced sustainable materials.

Drake General Store − Toronto’s destination for charming Canadiana is equal parts community hub and boutique. It encompasses a mini Crows Nest Barbershop with a chic café serving on-tap cold brew.

Louvre Mirror − A functional work of art that comes together offering three exclusive materials − leather, glass and brass − creating a modern chic design.

Great Warmth − This deluxe space lends itself to creating a warm and welcoming area for a homeowner and their guests. It’s complete with oversized wall art, bench seating and warm textiles.

The Canadiana Coffee Maker − For the coffee lover in you, this trendy wood coffee maker uses its pour-over method to brew coffee. It is exclusively assembled with a metal filter to reduce waste.

Canvas Art/Design Republic − Design Republic is a company that delivers top designs to residential clients, as well as hospitals, restaurants and retail outfits. This modern canvas art is one of their original selections and perfect for small spaces.

The Ocean Collection − The Ocean Collection consists of authentic pieces of cabinet handles designed to perfection, inspired by the wondrous vastness of the ocean floors. The collection complements cupboards, sideboards and cabinets.

Tempo Wall Clock − This featured wall clock has the ideal blend of historical design and fresh new art décor. It features stunning finished brush metal and will enhance any wall.

Industrial Light Art/Design Republic − Design Republic’s Light Art is created to light up the night with its memorable style.

Moscone − This exceptional flooring and wall design company has been around for three generations and its work is exquisitely crafted using the best porcelain glass and mosaic tiles in the world.

Vintage Point Style End Table − This Point Style End Table is a depiction of MKT’s vintage collection, which provides a range of astonishing furniture and accessories, from midcentury contemporary designs to timeless designer pieces, carefully curated from all over Europe.

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