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Through the creation of long-lasting relationships with clients and her innovative marketing strategies, Vaughan, Ont.’s premier realtor, Amatul Waheed, has achieved unprecedented success.

For Amatul Waheed, starting out in the real estate business was something she didn’t know much about initially. “I never thought I could even sell a newspaper,” she jokes. However, as she set forth enthusiastically, as she does with all things, she learned that she is passionate about the people side of real estate, and her vision of providing her valued clients with the best real estate experience possible began to manifest. Waheed’s business grew rapidly, and she always puts great emphasis on the compassionate treatment of her clients as a huge contributor. “I’m really a people person. Honesty is very important. You have to give them a service that is really clear and transparent,” she says.

“You have to come from every angle. Filling just your pocket doesn’t make you successful”

Waheed’s endearing personal qualities, along with her original and innovative marketing strategy, have set her vastly apart in the real estate industry. “To be a good real estate agent, you have to be really communicative. [The] market is changing rapidly, and it has never been more important to be on the cutting edge,” she says. Her customized marketing plan includes print, social media campaigns, HD YouTube videos, HD personalized home videos on Facebook and Instagram, and personal emails to the extensive list of potential buyers in her database. She adds: “This business is so competitive. You have to come from every angle. Filling just your pocket doesn’t make you successful.” By offering tailored, professional and seamless 24-7 assistance to clients in every aspect of home purchase or sale, Waheed has achieved a high level of success in a short time.

As if these things weren’t impressive enough, Waheed is also dedicated to clients outside of business. “I want to make clients feel they are part of my family,” she says. Waheed states with pride how much she enjoys celebrating happy moments with her clients and attending important events in their lives. She also holds her professional team in high regard, noting how much they contribute to her business. “I have a professional marketing team working for me, [who] devise a unique marketing plan for each home. Only proper advertisement will sell the home fast. Otherwise, the house can sit on the market for months. I have a record of selling most of my listings in less than a week.”

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Waheed’s passion and enthusiasm for her business and her clients are clear, as well as contagious. It comes as no surprise that about 80 per cent of her business comes by referral. Her proven reputation as an honest and dynamic professional speaks wonders about her. When asked what she sees in her future, Waheed emphasizes “becoming more knowledgeable and participating in more training” as her primary goals. “Whatever you do, do your best or don’t do it,” she says. Waheed is ageless in her desire to learn and grow, both personally and in business. There is no doubt that she will be ever-evolving in every aspect of her life and in real estate. She just wouldn’t have it any other way.

Amatul Waheed – Real Estate Broker
77-9100 Jane St., Vaughan, Ont. | 416-987-8000

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