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Hair, meet your Prince Charming: Luis Pacheco. The founder of Toronto salon Hair on the Avenue sits down with City Life to share the keys to finding your best locks yet, from embracing your bedhead to taking your hair hue over the digital rainbow

Tell us the story of how you got to where you are now.
Since I was a child, I always wanted to work in a salon environment. My grandfather and father were painters, and the concept of mixing colours to achieve different tones was familiar to me. I opened Hair on the Avenue with the vision of creating a space where incredibly talented hairdressers could connect and work at their craft. All in all, I am inspired by helping others achieve their own personal awesomeness, and personally, I revel in, and am moved by, taking hair as far as it can go naturally to make it look young and healthy again.

What are some hot hair trends for summer and fall 2014?
For summer, in terms of colour, polychromatic tones and tertiary colours have my heart; these are primary and secondary colours that are mixed to create teals and fuchsias. I also love digital tones and colours inspired by today’s social media filters.  These looks are more wearable and easier to maintain when you stay within your own natural premise and accessorize with them. As for style, I’m a big fan of collarbone length hair (bobs), and ‘lived-in’ texture; this excludes waves and “beachy” hair.  This fall, I am very much looking forward to seeing modern, wearable versions of the Chelsea cut among a variety of shaggy, layered looks.

What are the hottest hues this season?
Tertiary colours and tones — think teal, aqua, peach, orchid pink and fuchsia.

Any tips on taking care of your vibrant-coloured hair during the fall months?
With any hair colour, and in this instance especially, avoid exposing hair to water. This opens the cuticle, which in turn causes fading.

Name some celebrities who are rocking your favourite looks
Kylie Jenner’s blue, Nicole Richie’s purple and Katy Perry’s emerald green ombré.

What is one mistake you find women always make with their hair?
Transforming rather than embracing their natural texture!

How can women keep their hair frizz-free in dreaded humidity?
Work with the weather: for winter, seek moisture-rich products and blowouts (they last longer). For summer, I suggest women embrace their texture; opt for curls and waves and reach for smoothing hair products.

How do you recommend women transition their hairstyle from summer to fall?
For fall, less humidity in the air allows for more polished looks. Upon this seasonal change, I also recommend getting a fresh cut and taking the time to restore your hair’s health after exposure to pools, beaches and sun.

What are your favourite products right now?
I love TO112’s silk pillowcases. They promote a healthy sleep and moisture retention for skin and hair. I also love hair oils and paraben- and sulfate-free options.

What hair product should no woman live without?
A great conditioner — it keeps your hair in tiptop shape and provides a strong foundation for any style to come. I suggest that ladies seek products that contain natural ingredients. At the moment I am a big proponent of tamanu oil as its nourishing and moisturizing qualities improve hair health and add shine.

Most memorable moment with a celebrity client?
When I was colouring Juliette Lewis’s hair, my husband left to move her car. He called a few minutes later to share that he had managed to spill coffee all over her dashboard.

What is the most important hair advice you can give to a woman?
Embrace and love your hair.

Hair Colour Tip:
When you stay within two shades of your natural hair colour, the sun works in your favour and creates dimension, accentuating your overall colour. However, when you are outside of this range, you have to be wary of the sun and seek protection with product or coverage, like a hat or scarf.

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