#FashionFriday: Alpha Industries: The Real Deal

Authentic vintage inspiration meets quality and cutting-edge design with the Alpha Industries MA-1 Souvenir Jacket. What’s so authentic about the jacket? From cut to colour and stitch to fabric, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

The team at Alpha kept it real by researching every square inch of the jacket to ensure they are exactly like the ones Alpha used to make when it was founded by Samuel Gelber and Robert Lane back in 1957.

Back when Alpha first started it was called Dobbs Industries, originally working as a subcontractor on several Department of Defense contracts. It made MA-1 flight jackets, N-2B parkas and Army raincoats. Then in October of 1959, the company switched to the name Alpha Industries when it was fully taken over by Gelber, who brought on a new partner, Herman Wynn.

Gelber knew his company’s survival depended on securing more consistent work, so after a while he decided to begin transitioning into the commercial brand Alpha is today. Still a family-run company, Alpha ensures it remains authentic and unique from the other commercial fashion companies through hard work and high-quality materials.

Alpha enjoys taking it back to the old days when researching a jacket; the embroidery on the MA-1 Souvenir Jacket for instance pays homage to the patches a U.S. soldier would decorate his flight coat with. They are specifically designed to retain authenticity in that way. However, just having the patches wasn’t enough; you see authenticity when you look at the shape, sizing and even the pockets, which are higher up on MA-1 jackets so that when a pilot was in the cockpit they could comfortably reach into their pockets. Alpha has thought of every detail to make sure its jackets continue to be the “Real Deal.” That attention to detail is why Alpha has lasted 60 years in the fashion industry. It’s also the reason the company was commissioned to create the Yeezus tour bomber jacket among a multitude of other collaborations over the years.

Visit www.alphaindustries.com to check out the range of truly authentic and unique jackets.

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