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Tommy Hilfiger has officially set the new standard for inclusivity in the fashion industry, and we could not be prouder.

Tommy Hilfiger launched its Adaptive clothing line in partnership with Runway of Dreams, a foundation founded by Mindy Scheier. It aims to create adaptive Tommy Hilfiger clothing that has a variety of features added to the classic Tommy styles so that each person can feel stylish in the popular brand’s pieces, while having uncompromising inclusivity and independence in their clothing choices. This line aims “to be inclusive and empower people of all abilities to express themselves through fashion.” The global brand offers “inclusive design [and] fashion for all. Driven by [its] commitment to innovation and modern style, [its] new collection delivers solutions to make dressing easier.” All in a reasonable price range that many middle-class families can afford.

Now we just have to wait for every other brand to catch up.

Tommy has employed magnetic closures, adjustable hems, adjustable waists, side-seam openings, one-handed zippers, hems that open, expanded back openings, easy-open necklines and double plackets for seated wear. The line has taken everything into consideration, ensuring that each piece truly works for everyone from children to adults who would otherwise require assistance in dressing.

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The campaign captures many levels of ability and demonstrates the wide variety of people who would find these items useful, while still showing off classic styles in line with the rest of the brand. You can find a Tommy item from tall to petite, plus size to adaptive, and never notice a difference in quality and style.

The campaign is designed around “a group of disability advocates, including motivational speaker and blogger Mama Cax, dancer Chelsie Hill, Paralympian gold medalist Jeremy Campbell and chef Jeremiah Josey,” showcasing them standing or sitting tall and strong in their adaptive Tommy gear. They look fashionable and happy in their clothing, a message of empowerment being the brand’s goal with this new line.

Well done, Tommy Hilfiger.

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