Alexia María: Timeless elegance meets classic romance

Defined by structured silhouettes and carefully tailored looks inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, Alexia María Esquer launched her brand, Alexia María, in 2014, with a mission to share classic, sophisticated and elegant evening wear.

Born and raised in Mexico, Alexia María’s love for fashion stems from when she was a little girl. “My earliest fashion memory is playing dress-up in my mother’s closet. She is very fashion-forward, so it was always a fun time looking through her wardrobe and trying on one of her fancy hats or pair of kitten heels.” It was through playing dress-up and growing up in her grandmother’s atelier that she really learned the ins and outs of the design process. “I learned first-hand the art and craftsmanship behind designing and creating a garment along with all the inner workings of an atelier.” We learn more about Alexia María’s inspiration behind her brand, her deep admiration for fashion icons of the 1950s, and her favourite part about being a designer.

Q: What do you love about the golden age of film and fashion?
A: I love the elegance and glamour of that era. I have always been enamoured of style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. From the movies they starred in to their personal style, they always managed to look effortlessly chic.

Q: Did growing up in Mexico influence your collections in any way? If so, how?
A: When I design, I think about the women in both Mexico and the U.S. They have distinct taste and style, so my collections reflect an array of designs that cater both to American and the Latina women I grew up with.

Q: How do you describe Alexia María in three words?
A: Elegant, feminine and timeless.

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Q: How do you continue to stay inspired, and what are your favourite sources of inspiration when it comes to fashion and creating your brand?
A: My inspiration is deeply rooted in the style icons and films of the 1950s. Women wore dresses with structured details and feminine silhouettes. Overskirts were very popular back then and I love incorporating that idea into my designs.

“I want women to feel beautiful and confident. I want my designs to be a reflection of their inner beauty and personality.”

Now that you’re California-based, what’s the best thing about living in California?
A: The best thing about living in California is the amazing weather and being able to enjoy the beach all year.

Q: Who have been the most interesting people who have worn your collection (including celebrities)?
A: Gwen Stefani wore our Silk Faille Convertible Skirt during the recording of her live music video at the 58th Grammy Awards. This is one of the most interesting and favourite moments because it was a live wardrobe change where she steps out of the skirt, truly showing the uniqueness and versatility of the piece!

Q: Throughout your fashion career, what has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?
A: The most valuable lesson I have l learned is to trust my instincts, whether it be in design, or business, to always trust myself.

Q: How is working in fashion different today than from when you started in 2014?
A: Technology has completely changed the way we work in fashion. Today’s digital space makes it easier than ever to connect with industry professionals and customers from all over the world.

Q: Your designs transcend trends and have a timeless look and feel. That being said, what is your take on trends?
A: Trends are fleeting and I design with the intention of creating timeless pieces that can be kept in your of the 1950s, and her favourite part wardrobe for the years to come.

Q: What is your favourite part about being a designer?
A: My favourite part about being a designer is hearing how women wearing my designs. Women shop with us for some of their most special occasions in life and it brings me so much joy to hear how they feel wearing Alexia María.

Q: How do you want women to feel when wearing your collection?
A: I want women to feel beautiful and confident. I want my designs to be a reflection of their inner beauty and personality.

Q: What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?
A: One of my biggest pieces of advice for young people who have worn your collection for young designers is to always stay true to yourself. To trust your talent, believe in yourself, and never lose sight of your dreams. In a creative industry such as fashion, there will always be different opinions, so it is essential to never lose faith in yourself and stay true to what makes you unique.

Q: What is your definition of success?
A: My definition of success is loving what you do and being passionate about it.


Q: What does your morning routine look like?
A: I like to spend my mornings with my daughter and husband. We usually have breakfast together and take a morning walk before I head off to the atelier for the day.

Q: What’s your best style advice you’d tell your friends?
A: The best thing you can wear is your confidence.

Q: What’s your favourite fashion accessory?
A: A pair of statement shoes. I love wearing embellished pumps.

Q: Who are your ultimate fashion icons?
A: Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: Feminine with a modern twist.

Q: What are your fashion staples?
A: A crisp white shirt, a pair of black cigarette pants, a versatile evening gown, and a pair of satin pumps.

Q: What is your ultimate beauty secret?
A: Staying hydrated! Water will work wonders for your skin.

Q: What are three products you cannot live without?
A: Moisturizing Soft Cream by La Mer. Olivia Palermo lipstick in the shade Rosebud. Eau Duelle perfume by Diptyque.

Q: What is your favourite meal?
A: Sushi

Q: What is an indulgent beauty habit you take part in?
A: Facials for an extra glow.

Q: What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?
A: Write my to-do list for the next day.

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