Parentela International continues a legacy of excellence

We sat down with Parentela International’s new president and general manager, Julian Parentela, to discuss his new role and the exciting future of the company.

The future is looking bright for Parentela International, with newly appointed president and general manager, Julian Parentela, at the helm.

Parentela International is a Vaughan-based hospitality company that includes 27 Developments Inc., Hotel Vie and Long Valley Hospitality, which includes Château Le Jardin as well as many other well-known hospitality ventures.

A family business run for the last three decades by Carlo Parentela, Parentela International now has a new president and general manager, his son Julian. The Parentela family story starts with Giuseppe Parentela (Julian’s grandfather) coming from very humble beginnings in San Vito, Calabria. Giuseppe worked as a shoemaker, eventually earning enough money to buy the land that is currently owned by Parentela International. “He built the first banquet hall, Château Le Jardin. My dad grew it to what it is now, and now for me, it is a legacy to continue, to build on. To be able to be the one behind the name, continuing the legacy of excellence, that’s everything for me, and I plan on continuing that legacy of excellence and continuing to be the premier name in the hospitality industry in Toronto,” says Julian Parentela.


Julian’s background in civil engineering and experience as a project co-ordinator at successful construction companies EllisDon and Tridel give him a unique perspective that makes him vital in the development of Hotel Vie. “I took what I learned from my previous work experience and transferred it over to Hotel Vie, which is what we are building right now, and then took over Château Le Jardin and all of the other businesses we own.”

“I’m now better poised to understand construction, and based on what I’ve learned, I think I’m more capable of ensuring successful completion of the project, of honouring the investors, making the most economical decisions, and building the best possible product. I spent five years working with the biggest developers, learning how to build a project successfully, and I’m very grateful. I’m grateful for my background. I’m grateful for what is about to come.”

Julian takes much of his inspiration from his father’s unique business perspective but is looking to put his unique spin on things, particularly with Hotel Vie, an exciting new five-star hotel with exceptional amenities located in Vaughan. Hotel Vie will be an extension of Château Le Jardin, the premier event facility in Toronto, with the highest volume and best quality service. “I want Hotel Vie to be an extension of the excellence that my grandfather first envisioned, that my father carried through and that I will carry on. I find myself having a responsibility. I am responsible for their vision, to carry out their vision, and Hotel Vie is their vision.” Hotel Vie will be the centre of luxury, hospitality and entertainment in Vaughan. “Vie means life in French, so we want Hotel Vie to be that full-circle lifestyle hotel.”

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Hotel Vie will be different from any other hotel we have seen in Toronto or the GTA. “This five-star full-service hotel is a hotel the likes of which has not been seen in the city before. We are positioning ourselves beside the highest-end hotels.” It will be a 12-storey, 254-room, 54-office hotel with outstanding amenities, including a five-star Italian restaurant, rooftop pool, wine club, gym, spa and office spaces that truly make it stand out.

The Vaughan community has been incredibly responsive and supportive of this unique project. Much of this can be accredited to the trust they have in the company, which has been incredibly consistent and successful. “The best part of it is all the support from the community. The community wants to see this thing built and ultimately, they can’t wait for it to open, and neither can I.”

The hotel has been in the works for 23 years — since its conception in 2000 by Carlo Parentela — and has undergone many iterations. It is now coming to fruition as a top-of-the-line development. From incredible interior designers to fantastic architects who have been working on the project for approximately 10 years, this hotel is set to be a triumph.

With the continued success of Château Le Jardin, Parentela is looking forward to bringing this unique experience to the hotel space. Having hosted 50,000 events and five million guests who have been astounded by the level of service, this expectation is a responsibility of his. Hotel Vie, as with any Parentela project, will be five-star in all aspects. “It’s not about comparing ourselves to anybody else. We don’t look at the competition and say we have to be better, we look at ourselves and say we have to be better. We say how do we change the narrative and how do we do things differently?” This mission of innovation is what keeps the Parentela International businesses at the forefront of every industry they enter.

The future of Parentela International goes far beyond the current work being done. “We want to build banquet halls and hotels everywhere,” says Parentela. They are looking to continue their legacy of excellence and show the people of Toronto and the GTA what they are capable of. They are looking to expand into more of the world’s greatest cities, such as Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and across Europe.

The vision of the company is clear, to provide a continuing legacy of excellence in hospitality.

8440 Highway 27, Woodbridge, ON

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