Paul’s Boot Camp

It was June 2, 2010, when Lucy Addario made the decision that altered her life: she joined Paul’s Boot Camp (PBC).

“I was tired of all the inhibitions that came with being overweight,” says Addario, a mother of two. She was 232 pounds when she first stepped into the calorie-searing atmosphere of PBC, with no expectation of reaching her ultimate fitness goal. But after a few hours on the mat with fitness guru Paul Walker, Addario had to admit that there was something different about the atmosphere.

“My journey was not one of the ordinary,” says Addario, 43, who pushed through her initial doubt to slowly chisel her way down to a glorious 138 pounds. “It was long and challenging, yet despite these challenges, PBC helped me to accomplish my dream.”

And what makes Paul’s Boot Camp such a hit? According to owner and certified personal trainer Paul Walker, his two key ingredients to a successful boot camp are a very passionate staff that pours their heart into training, and having a blast while blasting calories.

“Lucy has inspired so many ladies at the studio through her determination and will,” says Walker. “She has made so many friends and has earned the respect of so many. She sets her goals and
meets them.”

As for Addario, she’s thrilled to finally be comfortable in her own skin. “This experience not only gave me my confidence back, it gave me a healthier perspective on the importance of fitness.”, 905.851.7722

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