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CL: Describe the feeling you get when the results of your work are reflected in your client.

SL: It’s amazing. What an accomplishment. There are certain ways that you can negatively affect people nowadays, so when you can affect someone’s life in a positive way, it’s just an incredible reward. Just the emails I get every day saying “Thank you, you changed my life; I have a better life, you saved me” are the reason I’m doing this. It’s not just how you affect people physically, it’s how you affect them emotionally, psychologically as well.

CL: What’s the difference between training a celebrity and the average person?

SL: There’s a lot of tension on my part. When you have a one-on-one with a high-end celebrity, what do you have in common? I remember Nicole Kidman was taking her class in my studio and while I was teaching, paparazzi began to accumulate outside the studio. There were about 60 paparazzi and helicopters circling. The police were coming in. This was in 30 minutes. It was crazy. I had to escort her through an alley to get to her car. I was like, this is nuts.

CL: How did your childhood affect your decision to become a fitness trainer?

SL: It’s exactly why I got into fitness. My grandparents had three restaurants in Bordeaux, France, and they cooked everything. I grew up eating everything and loving food, especially desserts and pastries. It got to a point where I was getting so overweight that my dad was giving me money to lose weight! It felt like I was the only fat kid in France. At 13, I finally had a girlfriend, and all of a sudden I wanted to get fit. It took me just one summer to go from fat to thin.
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Amanda Storey

Amanda Storey

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