A Positive Influence(r): Jordan Morello

Sharing a lighthearted approach to social Media, with a focus on healthy lifestyle content and gratitude.

Jordan Morello is a shining example of kindness and the embodiment of positivity for the modern generation. At just 29 years old, the influencer-turned-chef is a man of many hats, and has captured the online attention of thousands with his charismatic attitude and inspiring fitness-lifestyle content.

Morello emerged as a breath of fresh air in an unprecedented time, accomplishing what many strived to do during the pandemic. His online presence became an outlet for positive storytelling, and his following on social media grew daily thanks to his love- filled content and cheery recipes. “I saw how much happiness you could bring to someone’s life through your content ―the main thing was to do it in a fun way,” said the charismatic Florida native, sharing the driving force behind his goofy, lighthearted Internet persona. “I love to bring humour and a smile to someone’s life.”

Visiting family daily, Morello enjoyed quality time spent with his mom, and together they ventured on a kitchen “world tour.” The fitness guru and his “best friend,” as he likes to call her, began whipping up recipes as a pastime and fun bonding experience which ultimately led to the idea for his debut cookbook, Buon Appetito, a curated collection of 100 wholesome, easy and fast recipes that put nutrition and delicious ingredients front and centre, for meals that the whole family will enjoy.

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His charming wit and infectious persona leave everyone who crosses paths with him a little bit happier. He tells City Life that he is “on a continuous journey toward connection and personal growth.” Gaining traction online, he became affluent by sharing healthy and sweet recipes on social media while enjoying the in-real-life work/lifestyle as a personal trainer and online life coach for his class of students. Morello brings his “A-game” to every project, researching local markets to find products that would complement and enhance his many businesses most personally and authentically. In March of 2022 he founded Shortys Apparel, a modern menswear brand designed for everyday essentials, featuring quality materials and his own aesthetic choices incorporated into the designs.

When Morello travels abroad, he partakes of many cultures and culinary traditions, sharing content that followers enjoy, cheerful moments that may include a variety of recipes, goofy dances, workouts, nutrition, fashion and so much more. Morello brought up the topic of mental health awareness during our interview, explaining the importance for him of nurturing personal solitude and the benefits of being able to grow through uncomfortable situations. He is right. After all, we are in an era fixated on constant consumption. He hopes, through sharing personal experiences and love-filled content, to cultivate conversations that focus on positive growth in all aspects of our lives.


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