4MenUnited: It’s All About The Family

How four brothers, guided by their father, have established themselves as one of the best family-owned-and-operated businesses in Canada.

Local family-owned-and-operated retail businesses, commonly referred to as mom-and-pop stores, have always been beloved by communities they serve because there is a degree of personalized service that forges lifelong relationships. This has been the case for 4MenUnited, a premier menswear clothing store owned and operated by the Di Giovanni brothers.

But to appreciate their success and upstanding reputation in Vaughan, Ont., we must go back to the beginning, starting with their father, Luciano Di Giovanni.

Luciano had always surrounded himself with men’s fashion, running stores from Petrocelli to the Suit Exchange. In 2010, he opened Quattro Uomo, a men’s clothing store in Woodbridge, Ont. As each year passed, he strived to make a name for himself. His youngest son, Marco, would help him on the weekends while his three older sons went on to pave their own paths in the men’s fashion industry.

Soon after the store opened, Luciano met Frank Zeni for the first time. Zeni, who’d left the fashion world behind but came to Quattro Uomo almost every day to browse because he still had a passion for menswear, would eventually become Luciano’s business partner.

Luciano, picking up on Frank’s enthusiasm, first encouraged him to help the customers, merchandise, fold clothes, you name it. Eventually, they built on that relationship, and Luciano proposed that he come on-board.

“Frank jumped out of his seat,” says Marco. “At that point, I had just graduated from Grade 12. We worked seven days a week. I don’t think I even took a lunch break, and I know I didn’t get paid the first year.”

The company grew daily, and the weekend sales consistently grew more each week as they were the only business selling suits for groomsmen and their exclusive wedding packages.

“As the company became more successful, one by one my three older brothers left their jobs in retail, each at the top of their game, and came on board,” says Marco.

Luciano passed his 40 years of experience in the menswear business on to his four boys, teaching them patience, the value of hard work, and the importance of not commanding but leading by example.

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With its inventory a mix of traditional Italian and modern Scandinavian styles and from Montreal’s Au Noir to the European threads of Amsterdam, 4MenUnited is renowned for showcasing high-quality, fashion-forward suits, casual wear, and sportswear that truly reflect the wearer.

For the 12 years the store has been open, the success of 4MenUnited has never been a secret. Their purpose and camaraderie are evident from the moment clients are welcomed, as soon as they walk through the front door.

“What we do here can’t be replicated. Four sons at the top of their game, doing what’s best for the company because we all care about the business,” says Marco.

The eldest brother, Mario, the “guerilla tactics” salesman, goes to all of the wedding venues and bridal shows, with the mission of greater brand exposure.The second eldest, Michael, is the manager who keeps operations running smoothly, from overseeing employee hours to directing the bespoke tailoring program.

Alessandro, the third son, is the buyer, with a keen eye for what’s in style and what will be in the future. He travels to shows from Las Vegas to Italy to make sure their brand is always positioned to be a major player in the game.

Finally, the youngest, Marco, “the Renaissance Man,” knows every facet of the business and does a little bit of everything, from running the store while being a top front-line salesman to overseeing the brand’s social media presence.

With their flagship location on Steeles Avenue in Woodbridge neighbouring their second and recent outlet expansion, 4MU Outlet, plus their third location on Rutherford Road in Maple, Ont., 4MenUnited is poised for longstanding success — and the hope of passing it on to the next generation of Di Giovannis.

Steeles (flagship)
4040 Steeles Ave. W #38
Woodbridge, Ont.
3120 Rutherford Rd. Unit 19
Maple, Ont.
4MU outlet
4040 Steeles Ave. W #25,
Woodbridge, Ont.


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