The Happy Medium – Michelle Armstrong

Australian-born medium Michelle Armstrong has always had a sixth sense about things.

“As a child I was aware of how people felt and knew things about people that were certainly well above my age level.” In her teens, Armstrong went through some challenging times with chronic depression and anxiety. As part of that experience she went to counselling and, having found it tremendously helpful, she was inspired to help people herself. Fast-forward to November 2014: Armstrong received a specific channelled message telling her that she would start to deliver messages that were being given to her and she was to pass them on without judgment or hesitation in a space of love. “I started to realize that perhaps this was my calling, and it was something I didn’t want to ignore. When you’re following your soul’s path, everything aligns.”

Q. What is the most important part of your readings?
A. One is that I think it strengthens people’s faith and the belief that there is something more to life than this. If we choose to connect to that in some way, our lives are enhanced. The second part I guess also ties into the first part, for people who feel that when they’ve lost a loved one, that loved one’s gone or the soul doesn’t continue. I let them know that the soul does continue on, only our physical body dies, and that love and the relationships we share are eternal. I think the ability to have another conversation with their loved ones is profoundly healing for them.

Q. How does your career mesh with your family life?
A. My son has grown up around it, so he’s probably more accepting than anybody. He’s used to me saying I’m talking to God or talking to loved ones. Probably about a year ago he came home from school and said, “You know, Mom, I told the teachers and the kids at school that my mom speaks to dead people, God and the angels, and they said people can’t do that.” But he looked at me like, “Why would they say something like that?” That’s when I realized that it’s not a “normal” thing that Mommy does, so I had to have a bit more of an in-depth discussion with him.

“I let them know that the soul does continue on, only our physical body dies, and that love and the relationships we share are eternal”

Q. How do you hear spirit?
A. I have four ways of receiving information — clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance — and I use all four to be able to put together messages. I feel primarily, so the information comes in and I feel the feelings that would be associated with the thought. If it’s directly related to someone’s passing I might feel something physically. So if someone passed from a neck injury, I might feel something in my throat, other times I might feel emotion. From that emotion I’ve learned to get more information. I can also hear direct phrases, instructions, a word or two. How do I hear it? It sounds like my own thoughts, but they’re more direct and they have a slightly different feeling to them. Spirit is using my body to get messages across.

photo by carlos a. pinto

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