The Pollination Project

What would you do with $1,000? Supporting individuals eager to put their social conscience in motion, The Pollination Project doles out a grand to today’s change-makers — individuals with ideas that will touch the lives of others — each day of the year. Whether your idea will benefit your neighbour, the environment, animals, social justice or community health and wellness, the non-profit organization aspires to nourish your intended good deed with financial support. Calling on individuals in our community to manifest goodness in the world through individual action, founder Ari Nessel, a Dallas-based entrepreneur, explains that almost everyone has the capability of spreading hope and change, no matter the size. “The Pollination Project believes not that we need more Mahatma Gandhi’s or Martin Luther King Jr.’s in the world, what we need is individuals — large amounts of people — who are making small changes in and around their community.” To kick-start change in your community, apply for a grant at

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City Life Staff

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