Abi Roman Is Accentuating The Positive

Extending fitness beyond the body to mind, heart and soul is trainer Abi Roman’s recipe for a happy life.

The physical body may be the vessel that carries us through life’s journey, but its engines are the heart, mind and soul, and all elements need to be as fit as possible to make the life experience as enjoyable as it can be. Physical health, mindfulness and your spiritual self, working together at the same level, can give you peace of mind on your personal journey.

No one understands this more than fitness trainer Abi Roman of King, Ont., owner of Abi Roman Fitness, with her personal philosophy to take an all-encompassing, holistic approach to fitness, both externally and internally, to keep strong and healthy from the inside out.

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Roman’s personal journey includes being a champion equestrian competitor and training for an Olympics shot, followed by a chance introduction to the world of fitness and body competitions, where she won multiple awards. Now a canfitpro certified Personal Trainer, her website at www.abiannaroman.com is filled with personal testimonials from her clients about how she helped them achieve their fitness and life goals.

“There are people who come into your life and you don’t realize how this person will impact your life,” says Sara Marcello, a client of Roman’s. “When I was referred to Abi, I wasn’t too sure where I wanted my fitness journey to go. What I did know is that I wanted to transform my body and I wanted to see change. How was that going to happen? Abi was a huge part of my transformation. I could not have found a more knowledgeable, hardworking, honest coach anywhere. Abi gave me more than I could imagine in a coach.” She created customized meal plans, customized supplement plans and workouts, and they were just for Marcello. “Abi always makes herself available to answer any questions, [from questions about] an exercise [to] something as simple as I have [asked on] occasion, ‘What can I eat?’ And she just knows the answer,” says Marcello.

“I am extremely passionate about teaching healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits and how to live a happy and healthy life,” says Roman. She works one-on-one with individuals to achieve their fitness goals, offers nutrition plans, online lifestyle coaching, prepping for competitions and even works with businesses on corporate wellness.

“I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason,” says Roman. “Having a positive outlook on your life’s journey is so important in order to grow, to be happy and to become your best self.”

A positive outlook is Roman’s mantra, and it is a philosophy worth practising, inside and out.


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Rick Muller

Rick Muller