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The face is a precious thing. When you’ve made the decision to enhance yours through a medical esthetic treatment, you want to ensure that the result will further bring out its natural beauty, not dampen it. This is the philosophy that Dr. Gail Nield, owner of Woodbridge Dermatology & Laser Centre, has been putting to use throughout her 20-plus-year presence in Vaughan’s skin care and esthetic field. “It’s about making the client look good, not done,” says Dr. Nield, a dermatologist certified in both Canada and the United States. “And that’s why it’s vital to have a certified dermatologist — a doctor — perform these treatments.”

This hands-on method of practice, which is hard to find in modern-day esthetics, has earned the Woodbridge Dermatology & Laser Centre countrywide recognition, attracting clients from Vancouver in the west to Newfoundland in the east. Another element that has placed the Centre on the forefront of its field is the Ulthera Face and Neck Lift, or Ultherapy — a non-surgical treatment that utilizes ultrasound to achieve impeccable results.

“The beauty of Ultherapy is that there’s no downtime. The energy goes right through the skin and into the dermis,” says Dr. Nield. “The whole face can be done in an hour, and results will start to appear within two to three months. Then they’ll last anywhere from 12 to 18 months — I’ve even seen them last up to two years on patients!”

Next to an unparalleled menu of quality, professionally conducted esthetic treatments, such as Botox and filler, Dr. Nield also specializes in acts of kindness. “I believe in giving back,” says Dr. Nield. “We provide UVB phototherapy for patients with psoriasis and we also offer specialized wart treatments, all of which are covered by OHIP, yet these selective treatments are not readily available in our area.”

But even further than that, she’s extended her skills to areas of the world that need them most, travelling to Haiti at least once a year to treat patients and train  Haitian doctors at Hôpital Bon Samaritain. “That part of my life is a tremendous passion for me.” For a facial or body rejuvenation experience that will leave you feeling as refreshed emotionally as it will physically, Dr. Nield’s hands-on approach to client care will provide you with peace of mind and a flawless boost to looking your best.

Woodbridge Dermatology & Laser Centre
301-8077 Islington Ave. North, Woodbridge, Ont.

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