Esteriore Brothers: Favoloso Four!

Italian singing sensation Esteriore Brothers, having conquered Europe, have much bigger goals in sight.

It’s safe to say the four cornerstones of Italian life are family, food, wine and music. The dynamic singing group Esteriore Brothers clearly check off two of those boxes, and it’s probably not a stretch to say, true to their Italian roots, they’d never turn down food or wine. The four brothers, from the eldest, Piero, through Mimmo, Gabriele to the youngest, Amedeo, have music in their blood thanks to their parents. In the early 1970s, Mamma Rosa (singer) and Papà Toni (singer/pianist) departed their native Sicily and moved to Switzerland, where they formed a band and performed at various events such as parties, weddings and business functions.

First-born Piero was born in 1977 and at a young age he joined his parents on stage, entertaining crowds and showcasing his singing talent. His three younger brothers followed suit, and all four Esteriore brothers grew up immersed in music. Although all four were born in Switzerland, their Italian heritage ran deep.

“My parents had a big band, playing many types of events, and when Piero was born they brought him with them, and then they started to include him in the band as a youngster because he liked the music and started singing,” says Amedeo in a recent interview with City Life. “Our parents gave us this playing field of trying out instruments because at home we had drums, guitars, piano, trumpets. So I’d grab something, play it and like it — so yes, we grew up with this kind of music all around us.”

The Esteriore Brothers’ bond through their music started early in their lives, and according to Amedeo remains just as strong today as their popularity and success have grown.

“I don’t know how to describe it; it’s a very special feeling,” he says. “You’re on the stage and you know you’re going to perform, so naturally you’re a little bit nervous. But then you look to your left and you look to your right and you see your brothers — and it gives me goosebumps when I say this — but you know then you are united, you are all together, and you’re going to rock the stage.”


Based in Switzerland, they began to appear on many Swiss shows in that but because of their Italian style requests also started coming in from Italy. In 2019, they made their first appearance on Italian television in the show Tú Sí Que Vales on Canale 5, bringing in an audience of more than eight million viewers.

They had extensive plans for a concert tour of Italy in 2020, but the pandemic disrupted that. Undaunted, through a partnership with Migrolino AG, they released their first album, To Get Her, to great success in December 2020, which was sold in all Migrolino convenience stores.

The Esteriore Brothers sing in both English and Italian, and Amedeo describes their music as old Italian classics in a pop style. He lists their influences as everyone from Caruso to Elvis to Michael Jackson to Guns N’ Roses. Their latest single, “Crazy 4 You,” was released this past summer, and the brothers’ first video, “Sarà Perché Ti Amo,” has already received six million views.

The Esteriore Brothers stand on the brink of worldwide stardom. Now a recognized success in Europe, they have grand ambitions of travelling the world, doing what they love, and they hope someday to be able to organize a concert tour of Canada. They are doing what they love for the people they love.

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“We want to share the love we have with all the people and give something back as we have so much energy and passion to give,” says Amedeo. “We want to go from making music and videos to go on to concerts and touring around the world with our classic Italian songs and our own songs. This is a very big goal for us. We now have audiences all over the world. We never believed we could reach so many people, so for us it is really important to make this even bigger and give concerts for all of the people. We want to be the type of artists you listen to if you need some love and if you need some energy.”

There will never be another Fab Four, but don’t discount a Favoloso Four in the very near future.


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