Oksana Latinovic: Prosperity Inspired By Beauty

Oksana Latinovic’s Blossom Skin Boutique is where beauty and serenity flourish.

Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin is getting more and more challenging in a world with increasingly unpredictable weather, in addition to the impacts of everyday stress and anxiety. That challenge is one of the reasons why so many clients from communities across the Greater Toronto Area have turned to Oksana Latinovic’s Blossom Skin Boutique.

Founder and operator Oksana is devoted to healthy and beautiful skin that enables her clients to radiate beauty inside and out. She has always had a passion for beauty, from her earliest childhood growing up in Ukraine (then still part of the former Soviet Union) until today.

“Growing up, watching my grandmother and mother, the importance of personal care — like the skin on the face and an overall look — was very important,” says Oksana. “And in some ways beauty was always around me, and I thought going into the beauty industry could be very satisfying.”

Oksana received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics and after coming to Canada finished her aesthetician schooling, but a few years later decided to pursue a different path, nursing. She graduated from Humber College as a registered practical nurse in 2011.

But raising three beautiful children while managing 60 employees at a retirement home as the Director of Care eventually took its toll. Burned out, overwhelmed and stressed, she ended up in an emergency room as the result of a panic attack. That was the moment when Oksana realized that another life change was needed. Soon after, she entered the beauty and wellness business full time and in 2016 opened Blossom Skin Boutique.

Blossom takes an unmatched health- and wellness-oriented approach to its services. Using the most advanced technologies and medical-grade skincare, Blossom creates personalized treatment plans to preserve youth and enhance beauty from the inside out.

“A lot of people don’t see their beauty,” says Oksana. “They may only see or concentrate on maybe the parts of their face or their bodies they dislike, and they don’t often see the whole of their face or the whole of their bodies or even their soul.”

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Blossom’s full range of services and treatments, from injectables to laser resurfacing treatments, facials, body contouring and much more, take place in a calm, soothing environment. Oksana and her team provide services in a private personalized setting to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of their clients.

“My full attention is on the one person while they are here as Blossom is very private, quiet and secluded. My goal is to make them flourish and to bring out the beauty in everyone — whatever beauty they may have, because everybody is beautiful in their own way. I will help them to blossom and let them feel their own beauty,” says Oksana.

Oksana’s life has been one of perseverance, determination and confidence in herself and her life’s journey. She has utilized her inner strength and beauty to create an environment that reflects her passion for caring for others.

1400 Lakeshore Rd W #3, Mississauga, Ont.

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