Mai-Tran Nguyen: A Home For Progress And Healing

Clarity Learning and Therapy Clinic is dedicated to providing services to individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Mai-Tran Nguyen, Head Clinician leading the programs at Clarity Learning and Therapy Clinic, says, “Many things are possible when you have the right people to support you.” After relocating to Canada from Australia, she was determined to bring over empowering treatment techniques she had learned back home and integrates them into Clarity’s programs. A uniquely tailored natural and holistic approach incorporating evidence-based learning and therapeutic techniques provides their patients with the opportunities to recognize their strengths, skills and potential.

“Our approach recognizes that an individual’s mental health interacts with not only their body and mind but their environment and their world across all settings,” says Nguyen.

Clarity avoids outdated and rigid techniques and strives to obtain real results and nurture confidence. What separates Clarity from other clinics is that it can smoothly combine a scientific-based approach that addresses the biological and physiological aspects of depression, anxiety, etc. with another approach that addresses the cognitive and emotional aspects — both of which are essential for quality treatment. Nguyen adds, “We build a certain trust and rapport but also connect with the individual on a deeply personal level. When they come to the clinic, they engage in things that they like to do. So, if they like basketball, therapy is done while playing basketball together.”

At the clinic, individuals are taught and treated but sometimes certain exercises cannot be applied because they need to be practiced outside the clinic — for instance, clients with social anxiety need to have exposure therapy to larger crowds of people. These individuals start at the clinic and are eventually encouraged to go to another environment to apply the techniques they have been taught, with Clarity’s therapists are alongside for the journey, supporting them every step of the way.

Whether it is at the clinic, at your home or on the playground, Clarity’s passionate, qualified and multidisciplinary team of therapists is more than happy to provide compassionate care. “We try to teach in a more fun way. What parents want for their children is for them to go into someplace they are happy and look forward to going into, but also that they come out progressing, with higher motivation,” says Nguyen.

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Clarity is committed to providing services that are affordable and more accessible for the community. The process begins with a free consultation, during which the individual or family’s needs and goals are discussed. Then an initial assessment takes place to determine which services are best suited to those needs and goals. “After the initial assessment, they are provided with options that they can select from. It’s an empowering integrative process where the individual has the power to make their decision. There is nothing they are tied into. There are no prepayment plans. We are very transparent,” says Nguyen.

The moments that Nguyen cherishes the most are when parents arrive to pick up their kids and the kids don’t want to leave. They say, “Can we stay here forever?” These are the words that she holds dearly in her heart — not only the progress but the great friendships that are made here that are truly special.

9100 Jane St., Unit 47, Concord, Ont.

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