Vescio Funeral Homes

Luigi Vescio continues to lead the way in seamless funeral care services after 28 years.

No one better understands how to care for a grieving family than a family. Vescio Funeral Homes is a family-owned and operated business that over the past 28 years has become a leader in its industry, taking a unique and personal approach to ensure complete confidence, comfort and peace for the families they serve.

“The secret ingredient to our service has been to treat every family that calls upon us as if they were our own,” says president Luigi Vescio. “The loss of a loved one often comes unexpectedly, and leaves the family dumbfounded and paralyzed emotionally. This is what we consider our call of duty.”

Professional, passionate care, unparalleled response time and dignified service are all part of the Vescio Funeral Homes experience. The seasoned staff at Vescio is committed to giving each client the five-star experience. Luigi Vescio runs a tight ship that ensures no corners are cut, and his team goes the extra mile to provide total satisfaction. From enabling clients to personalize ceremonies with the use of video tributes, photo boards and musical requests, to escorting families in top-of-the-line vehicles such as Maserati and Jaguar, to providing home-baked delicacies, high tea service and rich coffees in their staffed lounge, those who entrust their loved one’s final ceremony to Vescio will be beyond pleased with the experience.

“What sets us apart from the competition is simply old-fashioned service at a reasonable price,” says Vescio, the leader of 30 highly trained staff members.

Since entering the field at the age of 15, Luigi Vescio has watched his industry evolve. Today he runs his business by combining tradition with modern elements, blending the old-time care and respect of his services with an upscale décor scheme, which he regularly updates to create a welcoming atmosphere that strays from the typically dark, cold ambience of funeral homes.

A thorough understanding of the funeral industry, paired with the genuine, familial care that is hard to come by in corporate-run institutions, has placed Vescio Funeral Homes on the map as the GTA’s most revered place to put a loved one to rest.

“It’s not just a business for us,” says Vescio. “It’s our vocation.”

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