Lino Arci: 35 years in Real Estate

Family owned since 1986, Lino Arci’s real estate team is celebrating a true business milestone, having been in the real estate business for 35 years. Lino Arci credits his success to the family he always dreamed of having. “Somehow along the way, I’ve been blessed with both my beautiful wife and children, and they decided to follow my path. I believe that my family has brought out the best of the success in our business.”

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Lino Arci sets himself apart from other realtors by his wisdom garnered from experiencing many different types of markets and providing his community with reassurance and confidence that he and his team will always be able to provide a successful sale. To celebrate this incredible milestone, Lino Arci did what he always does: donating a portion of every commission to the Children’s Miracle Network and organizing a yearly food and toy drive for the Vaughan Food Bank. Lino Arci understands and values the importance of the role he plays in the community that has welcomed him with open arms. “It’s so important for the community to come first, because it is the great people of Vaughan, Ont., who have welcomed me into their homes.” With a strong team behind him, including his wife, Italia, son, Anthony, and daughter, Jessica, Lino Arci doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. “I feel very strong, I’m so proud of our community involvement and I hope to do this for many more years to come.”

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