EcoCondo Management Services Inc.

Home is where the heart is, and this is especially true for Leonora Frangella and Rose Moscone of EcoCondo Management Services Inc. These property management gurus not only have the expertise and attitude required to successfully run the ins and outs of any property, but also the passion needed to turn any condominium development into a thriving community.

EcoCondo is breaking ground in an industry that has competitors puzzled. What is it that EcoCondo provides that others don’t? The answer is simple: “We know how to run a building — the four walls, the concrete — but it’s our dynamic relationships with the people, the residents, that make us different,” says Frangella, RCM, president and property manager at EcoCondo.

The company’s focus on building relationships of trust with their clients has launched EcoCondo to the top of Vaughan’s condominium realm. Unparalleled industry knowledge has contributed as well: Frangella’s extensive background in both military and corporate property management has seasoned her to deliver thorough, reliable and relationship-oriented service. As the property manager of the duo, Frangella handles everything from maintenance and security to energy management, while Moscone, the accounting manager, manages the budgeting for their clients. “The condo communities in Vaughan want service that’s understanding and close to home,” says Frangella. “We exist to provide that service.”

7500 Highway 27, Unit 1
Vaughan, Ont.

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