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Design darling Stéphanie Coutas brings Paris to life in the middle of New York City.

Stéphanie Coutas has clients in high places. The American interior designer’s work is upheld with the same prestige as a Gucci purse — with its perfect synergy between beauty and expert craftsmanship, her style evokes the same allure. It might be her background in fashion, a field she pursued before launching her design firm 1001 Maisons in 2005 that aids this ability, which has transfixed elites across the globe.

She’s given new faces to luxury yachts and private homes in France and abroad. On her plate right now is an assortment of projects more colourful, and more enticing, than a candy dish: from furnishing a villa in Cairo to a palace in the Middle East, to decorating private apartments in Paris, to preparing for the launch of her own bespoke furniture, Coutas has won the heart of the luxury design world.

One corner of the designer’s talent is devoted to revamping hotel suites. Recently, a New York-based actress discovered the work Coutas had done for some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and fell for the unique look she had created. The actress commissioned Coutas to design a pied-à-terre with the spirit of Paris, something that spoke the same language as the luxury hotels the actress frequented. It was a thrilling challenge for Coutas, who had just recently begun the redecoration of a 15th-century, four-star hotel in Burgundy, France.

For inspiration, Coutas looked to the Golden Triangle, one of the swankiest sections of Paris that’s tucked between Avenues Montaigne and Georges V. The result was a cosy, light-filled space that was true to Coutas’s signature blend of femininity and strength. The designer assembled some of her most elite connections to complete the look, including Larsen, Rubelli and Lelièvre for curtains and fabrics, Tai Ping Carpets that she designed herself, Pouenat lighting and Bisazza mosaic tiles.

A tour of the revamped residence is like a trip into the heart and soul of Paris. While the City of Light is a constant object of desire in the interior design world, Coutas effortlessly recreated a pocket of Paris in the middle of New York City.

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