A Barn Off The Highway

Situated along Tecumseh’s Highway 3, the Highway Pole Barn fuses traditional barn design with contemporary architecture.

Aptly named for the way it stands — with presence and mystery along the busy highway — the Highway Pole Barn serves as an extension to the owners’ primary residence, surrounded by 64 acres of farmland.

In terms of design, it takes the original typography of barn design, but fuses it with contemporary influences the owners enjoy. The structure is built with wood-framed pole barn methods, and every detail has been considered.

Given that it’s oriented south, the shed roof has been sloped to maximize the roof ’s surface area, so it’s primed to be fitted with solar panels in the future. Not only that, but the building’s The colours were chosen so they paid homage to traditional barn construction elevation means the windows have been placed strategically. The largest window groupings are placed in the barn’s most public sections to make the most of the natural light and stretching views. The higher windows are more discreet, offering more privacy without sacrificing any light.

The barn is skinned with various metal sidings, notably red and black, to offer both an homage to traditional barn construction and also to offer seclusion from the flurry of activity that is synonymous with the nearby highway. While it is used to store farm equipment and vehicles, the space has also been outfitted with a section for social gatherings and quiet reflection.

The build has been led by Dory Azar Architect Inc., an architectural firm located in Tecumseh, Ont. The firm is known for its extensive knowledge of residential and commercial design, as well as its international portfolio of projects.

While the build of the barn promises its owners the opportunity to have additional space to host, tend to their gardens and relax, it also acts as an anchor and a landmark for future projects that are planned to be built on the same property.


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Josh Walker

Josh Walker