Last Word – Summer Edition

This summer is all about indulging in everything we’ve been dreaming of — including gin and chips.

1. COFFEE COUTURE: Italian style icon, Chiara Ferragni, has partnered with Nespresso to create a fashion and coffee lover’s dream — a pastel pink collection of eye-winking coffee accessories.

2. CITRUS SPIKE: With just a hint of citrus, Dixon’s award-winning Wicked Citrus Gin is a delightful pair to any tonic, juice or fresh fruit mix.

3. BRIGHT ON TREND: Reminiscent of this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, BOSS’s essential yellow T-shirt is an ideal addition to brighten up any athleisure lover’s wardrobe.

4. DAZZLING ARRANGEMENTS: Lavender Grace’s team works closely with clients to make their whimsical floral dreams come to life, from Toronto all the way to Muskoka.

5. BEYOND JUST OIL: From the rose fields of Turkey to the jungles of Madagascar, every drop of Nest Fragrances’ perfume oils are infused with adventure. | @nestfragrances

6. HEALTH IS WEALTH: FRESHOUSE’s “I am PURE” juice is packed with cucumber, kale, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger — potent ingredients that are known to provide incredible health benefits. | @freshouse.juicebar

7. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES: Even if your daily greens come from a blend of exotic vegetable chips like yucca and parsnip, it’s OK when it comes to Terra’s irresistible assortment. |

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Estelle Zentil

Estelle Zentil