Weight Management With Tri-Health

For Dr. Jason Granzotto, ND and his Tri-Health Wellness Centre, the key to weight management comes with understanding your body.

Dr. Jason Granzotto, ND understands that, for a lot of people, weight loss can be a lifelong struggle. But in collaboration with his team of in-house chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainers and kinesiologists, he’s helping patients turn those lifelong struggles into lifelong solutions.

“We have a lot of patients coming in and saying they’ve tried everything,” Granzotto says. “We know that diet and exercise are two important things for weight loss, but there are other major factors not being recognized or evaluated. We focus on finding out what those parameters are.”

For the Tri-Health Wellness Centre, this includes in-depth discussions with his team and leveraging specialist procedures like blood work to identify nutritional deficiency or thyroid malfunction. “We also do food sensitivity testing, which is major in finding out what foods you should be eating and avoiding,” he continues. “When we have tangible, scientific results, we’re one step closer to identifying a diet that helps you accomplish your goals.”

Alongside the impressive science, the success of Granzotto’s clinic is based on how personal his approach is and making sure there’s an educational part to creating routine and understanding the body.

“Everyone needs to understand what a healthy, balanced diet is,” he says. “They have to know appropriate portions and how to use food as medicine. Give yourself time to meal prep, consciously grocery shop. These are all facets of motivation. It’s part of improving everyone’s relationship with food, self-worth and their understanding of self-love.”

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