The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation

Body, mind and spirit — keep these in check and your life will emanate health. The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation is a groundbreaking health facility dedicated to helping Vaughan citizens optimize these three qualities in their life through expert advice and state-of-the-art health-care services.

Sometimes we fall off course, putting our health and well-being on the backburner while we focus all our energy on raising our children, advancing our careers or coping with significant changes in our lives. We’re overworked, exhausted and unhappy — sometimes. Through no one’s fault but our own, we neglect to schedule time for ourselves in our crammed calendars.

If there was ever a place to go and hit the “reset” button on your well-being, the Centre for Health and Rehabilitation is your one-stop shop for a total health overhaul.

Husband-and-wife chiropractic team Drs. Domenic Gagliardi and Claudia Machiella run this successful Vaughan-based practice, with on-site chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists and naturopaths to serve clients in two convenient locations. The Centre for Health runs on the philosophy of balance — mind, body and spirit. After an initial consultation, all the services provided are custom-tailored to each client’s needs and lifestyle and help them implement these core values in their busy daily lives.

“We always wanted to take chiropractic care to another level,” says Dr. Machiella. That is exactly what these doctors have done since the facility’s inception in 2001, when they were already recognizable trendsetters in their industry.

The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation is far from the average, run-of-the-mill chiropractic centre. One of the most unique services the clinic offers is bioidentical hormone therapy, a process that begins with a consultation with the in-house naturopath and works toward the goal of balancing the patient’s hormones naturally, using their own hormones — there are no artificial hormones used in this process. Initial blood tests will provide a baseline for the patient’s current hormone levels, and the naturopath will work to replace the hormones using specialized ointments and lotions.  This process is extremely beneficial for patients who are suffering with any sort of hormone deficiency, and it’s especially useful for women who are going through menopause, which brings on significant hormone imbalances.

Each of the personalized services offered at the Centre for Health complements the others perfectly, helping to reboot the client’s health in all departments, including sports injury rehabilitation, nutrition, hormone balance and physical therapies. For the team at the Centre for Health, it’s not about fixing a problem; it’s about restoring a lifestyle.

“I’m always reminding clients that it’s just about finding what makes you happy,” says Dr. Machiella, “because finding what makes you happy is going to make you feel healthy and that’s the key.”

This power couple doesn’t just have their sights set on improving the lives of everyone that seeks their support — Drs. Gagliardi and Machiella also practise what they preach. They consider patients friends and family, so the couple firmly believes in teaching by example and living the healthy lifestyle that they promote. This is an important part of their business model.

“We work hard and keep focused, but we also play hard and make time to have fun as a family,” says Dr. Gagliardi. “That keeps us healthy and happy.”

Clients of all ages come to The Centre for Health for help. Most commonly, entire families visit the Centre for Health together for regular health maintenance. To maintain the highest quality of care, even for their youngest patients, all staff members are trained to provide a consistent quality of care as an integral part of the centre’s practice.

The doctors have two young children of their own, Sebastian (10) and Abigail (7), so they can definitely appreciate families with a busy schedule. It isn’t always easy booking appointments around an already packed evening of dance lessons and soccer practice. It was always important for Drs. Gagliardi and Machiella to equip their practice with enough staff to accommodate patients’ schedules more readily, especially at peak evening hours.

The practice has built a positive reputation for itself and is much loved in the Vaughan community, which is a privilege Drs. Gagliardi and Machiella don’t take for granted.

“We’ve built a business on a commitment to helping people get better” — Dr. Claudia Machiella

“We knew we were going to make a difference.” For years now, the team at the Centre for Health has nurtured an important foundation of trust and reliability with its patients.

This year, the duo is celebrating 15 years of partnership in both business and matrimony, and the power couple shows no signs of slowing down. The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation is growing, and the team is looking to be more easily accessible to clients. A third location for the practice is in the works. The doctors believe having three state-of-the-art locations will allow them to not only provide more services that people need, but also educate more people on achieving an active and balanced lifestyle that best suits their individual needs.

It’s evident that being a patient of the Centre for Health and Rehabilitation means having the possibility to live your best life.

The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation

1160 Clarence St., Suite 6, Woodbridge, Ont.

2640 Rutherford Rd., Suite E-201, Vaughan, Ont.

photos by carlos a. pinto

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