Creating Confidence with Brows for the Brave

What began as a typical giveaway has transformed into one of Vaughan’s most inspiring initiatives.

While offering a microblading treatment giveaway two years ago, Ashley Perri, owner of Skinprovement, was messaged by a woman whose sister was living with cancer. The recognition that she and her team at Skinprovement could help those who have experienced tragedy in their life was all Perri needed to branch out with a new initiative —yet another way to help those within the community.

The Brows for the Brave initiative was created to instill confidence in women and men who have suffered with cancer or other illnesses in their life and are living with the reminders each time they look in the mirror.

“At Skinprovement, we believe there is a strong connection between looking your best, feeling confident and being empowered. If you have that extra bit of confidence, it may just help you on your journey to good health, especially after suffering from an illness,” says Perri, who was the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Under 40 Award at the 2018 Business Achievement Awards. “I’m inspired by these brave individuals overcoming these obstacles, and I’m grateful to have an opportunity to make a difference, one brow at a time.”

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“After being diagnosed with and surviving breast cancer, one of the hardest things was the reminder of it every day when looking in the mirror and having no eyebrows. Ashley gave me back my confidence, in such a simple act. Brows for the Brave gave me back my eyebrows. Words cannot thank her enough for helping me return to the woman I once was.” — Ana Maria A.

“I recently had microblading done at Skinprovement and am very happy with the result. As a childhood cancer survivor, I have always been self-conscious about my eyebrows. After radiation treatments, my eyebrows never grew back, and I have always pencilled them in. This has always made me self-conscious. After having the microblading done, it has given me a well-needed boost in self-confidence. Brows for the Brave is a great program to boost one’s self-image after an illness.” — Rebecca S.

Working with clients through the years who have grown close to Perri and her team, they have witnessed first-hand the people who benefit from these treatments, and what this can do to improve the morale of individuals who walk through their door.

In the future, Skinprovement hopes to create a not-for-profit organization that will continue to offer these complimentary microblading services on an even larger scale, helping as many individuals as possible.

To become part of this initiative, the first step is to get a doctor’s note stating it is safe for you to receive microblading services due to past/current illness and then book a Brows for the Brave appointment through Skinprovement Medi Spa & Laser Clinic.

Photography By Carlos A. Pinto

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