The Montessori School of Kleinburg Advantage

The staff of MSK illustrates how the Montessori method develops well-rounded children with a love of learning.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing a Montessori education for children?
A. Corrine Manning, Casa Directress: “The Montessori child is encompassed with a fully enriched environment that encourages his/her natural love of learning from birth. He/she is granted the opportunity to manipulate esthetically pleasing materials designed with scientific precision to isolate abstract concepts. These materials call out to this natural yearning for purposeful work. The three-year age mix fosters independent individuals within an interdependent society. This interdependence develops a sense of responsibility and purpose within the child’s community in a graceful, compassionate and courteous manner. All of these benefits give the child a solid social, emotional and academic foundation heading into his/her future.”

Q. How would you describe Montessori teachers and their goals in the classroom?
A. Susy Rodrigues, Casa Directress: “The Montessori directress is a guide in the classroom, serving to assist in the growth and development of her students while keenly observing and interpreting their individual needs. The teacher prepares a stimulating space that is orderly, bright and inviting. Learning materials are carefully prepared and set up to promote independence, responsibility and choice. Our intention is to inspire our students to be intrinsically motivated, self-disciplined, to exhibit a love for learning and to have the confidence to take on challenges while being mindful and morally strong.”

Q. What results can parents expect to see in their children who attend MSK?
Sharmila Cappa, Elementary Directress: “Parents can expect their children to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members in their learning environment. MSK fosters positive virtues within their students by focusing on character development as well as academics. MSK focuses on developing the whole child (physical, social, emotional and intellectual) so our students become well-rounded individuals who develop a true love for learning!”

Q. Why is MSK the ideal establishment for a Montessori education in Vaughan?
Pamela Leudke, Casa Directress: “Montessori School of Kleinburg really has it all. When prospective parents drive up for the first time they are awestruck. When returning parents leave the school after day-to-day drop-offs they have peace of mind. The location is like no other in the area. Set on 13 acres, beside the beautiful Humber River, MSK is a safe, scenic and academically rich environment. There are not many other private schools that have real playgrounds, outdoor greenery and an entire forest. There are also not many Montessori schools that teach the authentic Montessori Method or are officially accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators, like MSK.”

Q. Where do MSK students end up later in life?
Lidia Beros, Upper Elementary Teacher, Department Head: “Our students who complete the full Montessori program to Upper Elementary receive a solid foundation of all concepts in all areas of the curriculum. They are well-rounded individuals who are confident and well-spoken members of society. All of our students that have applied to other private schools have all been accepted to their schools of choice. We are proud of our 100% success rate.”

Q. The school year kicks off in September, but why should parents enrol their children now, in the spring?
Enza Marzano-Pellegrini, Principal: “Admissions at MSK generally fill up by the beginning of spring for the upcoming academic year. We proudly boast that we also have waiting lists for families wishing to guarantee a spot for their children when and should spots become available throughout the academic year. Great education is an investment and I always commend parents that take the time to visit and research my school in advance. Recently, we had our very first enrolment of a child who is not even born yet in our very popular Toddler program.”

10515 Hwy. 27,
Kleinburg, Ont.

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