Renditions Design Build – Mike Vito: Your Best Home

Whether you’re compartmentally enhancing your home to better suit your lifestyle, adding size to your home with an addition or completely rebuilding from the ground up, Renditions Design Build and its entire team will lead you through the process from your very first hello.

We can likely all agree that as we journey through life, our living requirements evolve. Renditions Design Build is skillfully qualified and committed to helping its clients discover how to best adapt to their ever-changing life journey needs.

Renditions Design Build was founded by Mike Vito. His childhood passion for carpentry and design led him to a carpenter’s apprenticeship, which then led to large commercial project management, followed by a passion and ambition to create his own construction company, now 30 years ago.

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With Leslie, his daughter, on the team, they have a winning combination. “We fully respect each other. On a daily basis, we listen to one another and provide each other the freedom to voice our individual opinions on any given matter. The final consensus is one that carries the wealth of many years of construction experience, teamed with the ongoing new opportunities in an industry that is constantly innovating and evolving.”

It all begins with a commitment to help their clients reach their Best Home through both form as well as function. “Any project that is undertaken in our clients’ homes should be truly valuable to them in whichever sense is their priority. Your Best Home should help you perform your daily routines as effortlessly as possible, while always representing your unique style.”

Their experience, combined with curiosity to learn about evolving technologies and practices, is what lets them guide their clients along a construction journey from concept, through design, to final build. “We help our clients decipher what they are trying to achieve by expertly guiding them through each step of the discovery process.” Their formula can be broken down into simple terms:

    1. Work with in-house architectural design to knowledgeably conceptualize spatial form and function.
    2. Thoughtful and thorough interior design, ensuring the architectural form remains in correct balance.
    3. Perform each site component with meticulous attention to detail and results.
    4. Communicate with clients every step of the way so that everyone is working toward the same goal.

“We have clients who purchase an existing home, knowing they are going to peel back the layers, and rebuild to their very specific and unique needs.”

“We have other clients who parcel out their home projects, performing several projects over varying periods of time, to ultimately reach the same goal, but having done so in a manner that better accommodates their current daily life schedules.”

No matter the size of the project, however, their approach is always the same. “We understand this is your home and we understand the amount of respect necessary to become a daily presence in your home. So before any tool gets powered up, and before any demolition gets underway, we meticulously prepare your home to create a professional work zone with very clear parameters,” says Mike. Plastic walls with zippered door entrances, hardcover floor protections and dual-tape safety systems are simply a few of the steps that begin their construction day #1 action list, before any real construction ever gets underway.

When asked about trends and common practices, “We just live differently now,” says Leslie. Mike goes on to explain how older homes were built with many segregated rooms. But nowadays everyone is looking to have walls removed, creating large, harmonious open living spaces, all the while maintaining thoughtful and innovative function that truly allows people to live in an environment that feels good to
come home to.

As most people can agree, either through first-hand experience or word of mouth, a home renovation or construction endeavour can be a truly overwhelming experience.

At Renditions Design Build, beyond their deep-rooted passion for high quality workmanship, they want their clients to enjoy the process.

It is one of the core principles they strive for on a daily basis, “to expertly navigate each one of our clients through the very detailed and nuanced task of any construction endeavour,“ says Leslie. Mike adds, “of course the work and end result of the product and workmanship is always the very clear first topic of discussion. However, after having worked with so many clients over the years, I can honestly say that the path we can lead our clients down, our communication with them every step of the way and our extra care toward their homes are all critical elements that set us apart.”

Both Mike and Leslie discuss how they are very proud to be working alongside their very skilled team of coworkers. The respect they have for each of their team members is what allows them the confidence to work in peoples’ homes every day of the year, year after year. “We can’t both be on-site all day every day, so we need to have the utmost confidence in our team to represent our core values every day, and we absolutely do.”

The projects that they and their team have completed over the years include a range of opportunities such as cottages, condos, landscaping, a professional recording studio and commercial offices.


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