Marilena Madio: What All The Best Walls Are Wearing

Breathe life into ordinary rooms with customized, hand-painted one-of-a-kind murals, by Marilena Madio of Wall Wear.

It all started with a child’s room. When Marilena Madio, the founder of Wall Wear, was pregnant, she painted a mural of Noah’s Ark with all the animals on the nursery wall. Everyone who saw it was amazed, and she started painting a few for family and friends. “When my son was born, I decided to turn it into a full-time business because I just had more and more people asking, ‘Can you do my room? Can you do my room?’” she says.

Marilena likes to set up video calls with clients so they can discuss ideas, then she makes an appointment to go to their home. It’s a creative process, and it’s important to Marilena. “It has to look good because my name is on it, but it has to include their vision,” she says. “Because in the end, it is still their wall; they have to look at it.”

Now Marilena handles both residential and commercial clients. And from glorious flowers and giant waves to geometric designs and adorable cartoon characters, everything is on the table. It is bespoke work, and the pricing depends on the project. But one thing is certain: Marilena loves her work, and it shows.

One of Marilena’s proudest moments came about eight years when she got a call from the Property Brothers, who wanted her to paint a mural, and she has now worked with them in five episodes of their show. “That gave me credibility and helped build my business, too,” she says. She uses social media to showcase and market her creations as well, and her latest TikTok video has racked up more than two million views.

Marilena is grateful. “I’m a people person — we work together. We create something. We make a room beautiful,” she says. “I get to make people super-happy.” Perhaps there is a room in your home where a hand-painted mural can come to life? If you can dream it, Marilena Madio can make it happen.


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