Laura Compagni: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

From a successful global business career to one of Canada’s top luxury real estate agents with her latest television series in the works, Laura Compagni’s story is built on courage, grit and self-belief.

Personal reinvention is tough. It takes awareness and grit, passion and perseverance, hard work and the belief in a single-minded purpose that the new direction you have chosen for yourself is the right one. In short, it takes that one immeasurable quality: courage. These are all character qualities that Laura Compagni has in abundance.

Compagni’s personal journey is inspirational and marked by considerable achievement. Her latest accomplishment is her status as one of the top realtors of luxury real estate in Canada, plus now she’ll be starring in the new television series Reno Master, set to air later this year on Amazon Prime.

“Success Is Based Upon My Gratitude To Be Able To Be Respected By And Respect Others And To Live My Life By My Core Values, Which I Believe In” — Laura Compagni

She flourished in her corporate career prior to her move into real estate as one of the youngest visionary leaders with IBM Global. Based in New York with direct reports worldwide, she was instrumental in the company’s transformational change working with Fortune 100 CEOs and was chairperson of the IBM Global Senior Marketing and Sales Review Board, driving major strategic decisions. In 2019, she was chosen by the Brilliant Minded Women Organization as the recipient of the Business Development and Growth Award. Then came her personal reinvention.

“Family is my main priority,” says Compagni, mother of three children. “While reinventing yourself is a very difficult decision, I wanted to be a very good mother, and the ‘why’ in my career change was my kids. I don’t take anything for granted. I developed skills in business that allow me to create successful conclusions to the stories which come to me. I’m grateful and blessed and appreciate life so much more.”

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Her masterful gift of negotiating skills and business acumen soon had her at the top of her profession as one of the country’s leading realtors and a star of the reality television show Top Million Dollar Agent. Compagni also recently secured the listing of a $12-million home in Kleinburg, Ont. However, she never has used finances as a benchmark for success.

“Success for me is not based upon monetary value,” she says. “It’s, ‘How am I doing as a humanitarian? Am I helping people and communities and charitable organizations?’ And, to be a good role model for my kids. Success is based upon my gratitude to be able to be respected by and respect others and to live my life by my core values, which I believe in.”

“We look at Everything from a Home’s structural Components to The foundation, Plumbing and Electrical, mould And moisture” — Joe Petrella

Joe Petrella, owner of Holt Construction, one of the most respected renovators and contractors in the GTA, also stars in the new Reno Master show. The show will take viewers through the renovation process: how to plan, budget and create a realistic timeline for their project. They’ll see the perils to watch for and the delight in the finished product. Petrella is proud that all of the show’s projects are real, and the work is genuine.

“We look at everything from a home’s structural components to the foundation, plumbing and electrical, mould and moisture,” says Petrella. “These are things that can have a huge effect on the budget and timeline of the project and are important for home safety and increasing the resale value of the property. It’s important homeowners are fully aware of what they are getting into before they start their dream project, so they get the most value and equity out of their property.”

The educational aspect of the show continues Compagni’s mantra to always help others. She is also a mentor, in-demand public speaker and author of the self-improvement book Ignite Your Fire, which is timely now as people have a life pause to reinvent themselves and to listen closely to lessons both in business and in life, of which Compagni has never lost sight.

“In business, a key is to listen like a sponge and never stop being curious,” says Compagni. “My lesson in life is to be respectful and never be a know-it-all and to never give up. I live my life through perseverance and grit, and always look forward as if I’m going through a tunnel. And now I’ve emerged and am surrounded by light. I am so blessed by the people I am able to help and inspire.”



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