La Couture Hair Lounge: The Cutting Edge of Hair Care

With advanced techniques to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, the staff at La Couture Hair Lounge have the best interests of their clients at heart.

Who knew that not only do Botox injections help to make us look younger, but they can also do wonders for our hair. According to Diana De Cristofaro, the owner of La Couture Hair Lounge, “Botox isn’t just for your face and your lips. It’s also for your hair.” Botox is one of the essential ingredients in a treatment called Kashmir that her salon provides to clients. This deep-conditioning treatment, super-charged with proteins and extracts, restores moisture, strengthens hair, eliminates frizz and reduces breakage. It’s great for all hair types and safe for use on hair extensions, coloured, straightened and chemically treated hair. Diana elaborates: “In the winter, your hair is more on the drier side. You don’t have as much moisture [in your hair]. It can get very brittle, and your hair breaks just from the dryness. That’s where our Kashmir comes into play. It’s a treatment that lasts a minimum of 18 weeks. It even cuts your blow-drying time by 60 per cent. During our crazy winter, you can leave it to dry sometimes, and you don’t have to worry.”

La Couture was one of the first salons in Vaughan, Ont., to carry the Kashmir treatment. “It’s been five or six years since we’ve been providing it to customers, and it’s been a successful product for both the salon and its clients. Some of my clients have even used it 10 or 12 times.”

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The success of Kashmir isn’t any surprise, as Diana admits. “La Couture is always about what’s new and popular, kind of like fashion. La Couture is continuously on top of recent trends.” Diana is excited about another craze that’s making a comeback — hair extensions. “When extensions first came out, they were such a big thing, but the unqualified individuals who were doing it ruined it for everyone.” Diana says individuals were putting the extensions in incorrectly, and unfortunately, rumours began circulating that extensions damaged your hair. “Recently, we’ve been trying to show on our Facebook, Instagram and other social media [sites] that your hair can grow better by having extensions, since you’re not putting any direct heat on your own hair, and you’re not putting [on] any colour or over-processing it,” she says. “Essentially, because the extension is trapped inside that bond, your own hair isn’t getting touched at all.” La Couture’s customers are witnessing the advantages of extensions and are trying them out. “‘I do want some volume to my hair. I do want a little bit of length to my hair,’ customers are telling me. [The extensions have] become quite popular all over again,” says Diana.

While La Couture is staying on top of the latest fashion-breaking news, it’s also enhancing clients’ experiences with its all-in-one spa, Sandra’s Esthetics. “We offer cutting-edge medical esthetics like skin resurfacing, as well as our selection of spa services, which includes eyelash care, waxing, lasers, as well as manicures and pedicures,” says Diana.

With so many facets of her business growing, Diana doesn’t have a lot of time to think about the future. However, she’s adamant about keeping the reputation of the salon intact. “We’ve had a great reputation for the last seven years, and I want that to continue.” She also hopes to add another location in the
foreseeable future.


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