Katya Moser: Curating Pieces That Empower

Following her takeover of Kleinburg Village’s Maison Femme Boutique, Katya Moser talks about her vision for the store and how dance influenced that process.

When Katya Moser took over Maison Femme Boutique earlier this year, she had a choice to make. Give it a new identity or retain the elements of what’s already made it a success. Ultimately, she managed to strike a balance between the two to create a space that exudes refined simplicity, sophistication and femininity.

“My vision for the store was something that felt special and different,” Moser says. “When you go to Europe and see those boutiques, they have that special flair with pieces you can’t find anywhere else. That’s the direction I wanted to take.”

As part of that, she kept a number of original brands but added a lot of new ones too, like Cinq à Sept (her personal favourite), LAMARQUE, Joie and Equipment. “It caters to jeans and a T-shirt but also has those special pieces, whether that’s a dress, blouse or blazer.”

As well as offering a careful selection of pieces that range from casual to more elevated, Moser wants to evoke a feeling. “The pieces are specifically curated for intentional shopping,” she notes. “You’re not just browsing tons of racks trying to find something. Pieces are displayed in a way that feels airy, light and doesn’t confuse the eye. When you’re trying something on, you can feel good about it, take your time and leave feeling great in an outfit.”

There are also elements of Moser’s life that have made their mark on Maison Femme Boutique, and you can tell it’s a project of love. As someone who was born on International Women’s Day, Moser believes it was her purpose to do something for women and empower them to invest in themselves. As she says, “It’s so much more than clothes.”

She also grew up as a trained ballerina and was always captivated not just by the garments the dancers would wear but also the elegance, as they would come to life through movement. “It’s also a very disciplined art, and that translates through lots of parts of my life,” she continues.

While Moser’s time at Maison Femme Boutique has only just started, she’s already thinking about the future and has a number of exciting plans in the works. “I’d like my business to be a place where people can come to shop for the full experience of knowing what upcoming trends are,” she says. She also plans on starting to create blogs on the website, offering advice to women on how to look good, feel good and, most importantly, stay empowered every day.

10522A Islington Ave., Kleinburg, ON


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