Jessica Minh Anh: Fashion Jet Setter

Supermodel Jessica Minh Anh once again breaks boundaries with the runway on the runway winter fashion show at JFK airport.

Fashion has long been one of the world’s most expressive means of creativity and innovation, and no one defines that more than supermodel and fashion show producer Jessica Minh Anh. Her recent Winter Fashion Show 2020, Runway on the Runway, at JFK Airport in New York, set a new standard in the industry.

Minh Anh cleverly transformed the airport’s runway into a fashion runway, complete with a visually impressive backdrop featuring DHL Express’s international fleet of aircraft, helicopters and electric vans and trucks. More than a modern fashion statement, the production highlighted the globally sustainable supply chain of shipping and logistics that is so important as a part of the sustainable fashion industry.

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“I want to bring an innovative mindset to sustainability initiatives,” she says about the exclusive fashion show production. “Since shipping and logistics are such a critical part of the fashion industry, it is important to highlight the option of green logistics solutions, which help minimize environmental damages and reduce transport-related emissions. I’m proud to partner with companies who prioritize the health of our planet, and DHL is certainly on top of that list.”

“I want to bring an innovative mindset to sustainability initiatives in fashion shipping and logistics”

The Runway on the Runway New York show marked Minh Anh’s 25th highly successful production since her history-making catwalk on London’s famous Tower Bridge. The Vietnamese model has long used the world’s most famous landmarks in staging her elaborate productions. Fashionistas fondly recall her groundbreaking, large-scale productions staged at the Eiffel Tower, the new One World Trade Center building in New York, on a glass bridge 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

The extraordinary catwalk at JFK Airport showcased eight exquisite haute-couture, ready-to-wear and jewelry collections from four continents. Minh Anh herself opened the show at the entrance of a Boeing 767-400, before dropping down onto the runway itself.

She was wearing a brilliantly crafted royal red dress by Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon. An expert at fabric manipulation and the practice of repurposing, Alvarez Calderon gives her pieces a second life using the alteration of shape and form, contributing to sustainability.

The production was also a celebration of global fashion, including famous Japanese powerhouse Yumi Katsura honouring femininity with an extravagant bridal collection, bringing a classically romantic yet sensual feel to the runway. Vietnamese ready-to-wear brand RAP introduced a youthful and elegant collection in the shade of pink pastel, while focusing on simplicity.

Vietnamese prêt-à-couture brand VUNGOC&SON showcased a fashionable winter collection bursting with colours and flowers, with Minh Anh herself appearing in a structured red dress made of hundreds of flowers.

Lebanese haute couturier Dany Atrache showed his passion for great versatility with a powerful collection of nude, white, pink, gold and black gowns made of fluid fabrics, which effectively reflected a woman’s personality.

A bold jewelry collection by Blossom Box, designed in New York City and handcrafted in India, was accompanied by couture dresses from Australian fashion house Portia & Scarlett, introducing “once upon a time” Hollywood intrigue and glamour to the catwalk.

Fashion has long been the industry of innovation and out-of-the-box creativity, and with her JFK Airport Runway on the Runway Winter Fashion Show 2020, Jessica Minh Anh once again, whether it’s a tarmac or above the Grand Canyon, is making the world her runway.

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Rick Muller

Rick Muller