Vaughan’s Very Own Storage and Business Solutions Centre

Canadian-owned and -operated, the HUB Vaughan is the outcome of hard work, dedication and creativity, all with the determination to create the best environment and experience for clients.

The HUB Vaughan offers premium storage solutions like none other of its kind. Its upscale central location provides multi-faceted solutions to professionals from the north, south, east and west ends of the city.

The Tatone family recall fondly how the whole family joined forces to create this innovative facility. Connie Tatone-Haces tells us how her father and younger brother helped with construction, her older brother used his products to create the epoxy floors, her mother can be thanked for the impeccable interior design and her younger brother’s artwork now hangs all throughout the space. It is clear that at the heart of the HUB there is a dedicated and united family that takes pride in their business.

Their personalized touch extends into their relationships with their clients. “We want our clients to feel at home,” she says. “We [are] always looking for that open communication, for people to tell us where we could do better and if we can we will implement it.”

Open seven days a week, the HUB is home to state-of-the-art facilities and features, including executive spaces offering stylish storage options, multi-faceted office spaces, including meeting rooms and co-working spaces, as well as safety deposit boxes, mailing boxes, a media room and even unique humidity- and climate-controlled wine storage for the serious wine collector.

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The Tatone family recognize the trust that people place in them by utilizing the HUB to store their belongings and engage their businesses. As such, the facility’s security is incredibly important. “We want to bring the latest technology and security systems to our environment,” they say. The 24-hour security system is made up of a vast network of state-of-the-art cameras, as well as fobs, which are given to every client, allowing them access only to the specific parts of the building each client utilizes.

This storage solution centre also has a vault with 1,500 safety deposit boxes, which the Tatone family are incredibly proud to offer. With advanced safety features, this set-up is actually designed with a security system that is superior to many banks.

Conceived, built and operated by people from the area, the HUB is truly the first of its kind, functioning as a fully Canadian multi-space facility. Though it has achieved remarkable success, there is always room for growth. The Tatone family says, “we hope to continue to be an industry leader in innovation through evolving with our customers’ needs.” The Tatone family invite you to visit the HUB and take a tour to experience this premium storage facility.

290 Caldari Rd., Vaughan, Ont.

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